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Intricate Mehndi Services at Home By Professional Mehndi Artist  

Mehndi has always been an essential part of our culture, and it’s needless to say, our festive events are incomplete without those mehndi-adorned hands. However, visiting the salon can be pretty challenging, but Cheryl’s salon services at home is resolving the problem by sending mehndi wali at home. This means that you can stay at home, and the mehndi artist will visit your home to offer the best services. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that mehndi service at home has always been a dream for women, and we are here to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t matter which event you want to get the mehndi for; we have a team of famous mehndi artists who understand the needs for every event and have related designs that add charm to your hand. Ranging from traditional mehndi to modern tattoo designs and classical ones, our mehndi services are designed to cater to all your needs. We pride ourselves on having a passion for mehndi, which enables us to offer the services that you love and dream of. In case you are confused, we have a team of the best mehndi artists who can provide consultation, so you are assured that we are on the right track. 


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Mehndi Services At Home 

With the hectic schedules, it gets challenging to find time and visit the salon to get the mehndi done. However, we are fixing the issue for you by offering the mehndi service at home. It’s evident that mehndi is an essential part of our ensemble since it has a deeper connection with women and has always been found fascinating as it helps them decorate their hands with intricate designs.  Our mehndi services are designed to offer the most convenient experience, so you can enjoy the pampering without compromising on your comfort. On top of everything, we select the safest mehndi products to ensure you don’t have to struggle with any rashes and irritation – a perfectly done mehndi while being safe!

Best Bridal Mehndi Artist Services At Home For Your Big Day 

It’s no secret that that wedding is an important part of our life and every bride demands the best mehndi experience along with the best bridal makeup. However, if you want to enjoy mehndi at the convenience of your space, we can send the professional and experienced bridal mehndi expert your way. We understand that bridal mehndi requires extreme precision and experience, which is why we have hired the best bridal mehndi artists. In fact, all our bridal mehndi artists are experienced in offering mehndi services that comply with your aesthetics. So, it doesn’t matter if you want traditional mehndi or contemporary and modern designs; we can offer everything that fits your needs. 

Mehndi For Any Event

When it comes down to mehndi, it’s quite evident that it has become a crucial part of our events. Ranging from weddings to birthdays and farewells, our mehndi services are designed to offer a well-curated adornment experience. We have unique mehndi designs available, so you can choose the best one. 

In addition, our mehndi cones are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, promising a secure experience. Not to forget, the mehndi has a sharp and long-lasting stain that will stay on for days and weeks, depending on how you care for it. So, if you are ready to complement your look with mehndi, let’s talk more! 



Cheryls is providing their amazing at-home service so you can get your mehndi done at home. You can contact us at any time and our beautician will travel to see you.
If you want to show the colour of the mehndi and want it to last longer then you should not wax nor have a manicure or pedicure. The idea time is 1-2 days before the wedding day.
For the bride, the process of bridal mehndi can take up to 2-6 hours. The time will depend on the design and how much feet and hands side mehndi for bride
If the henna dries out then it will stop adding colour to your hair. You can sleep with mehndi on your hair overnight because it will soak up the colour and it will be more prominent compared to washing it out after some time.
To get the colour out, you can just soak your hands in warm water for 6-8 minutes. When you rub your hands together, it will come off slowly. However, if you want to speed up then add normal toothpaste and let it dry and then you can rub it.
You should not use black henna numerous times because there are rumours that they mix it with some chemicals. You should ask your mehndi artist if she mixes her own paste from all organic elements. This will not give you any reaction even if you have sensitive skin or eczema.

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