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Cheryls is one of the best salon for ladies because of the unique offers that we have. We know that because of the pandemic, ladies could not get dolled up and were confined to their homes. Therefore, we broke the barriers and came up with our amazing salon services at home in Sialkot. We are always looking at ways how to better ourselves and give the best to our customers. Therefore, we have all professionals and experts who will surely make your experience ten times better than how your usual appointments go.

Bridal Makeup

The quality of makeup products can directly influence the appearance and makeup look.

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Facial & Cleanup

We are providing at-home yet highly professional beauticians for cleaning the face.

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Manicure and Pedicure

We are offering manicure & pedicure and also offer nail coloring services

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Waxing Services

It is every woman’s dream to have smooth and silky skin without any hair.

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Hair Treatment & Hairstyle

We have professionals who can make hairstyles and pay attention to the details.

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Threading & Face Wax

we are bringing Threading & face Wax services to the comfort of your home.

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Female Massage

At Cheryl’s, We are constantly striving to offer high-end massage therapy services

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Party Make-up

Cheryl’s is a place for everyone who wants to get their makeup done.

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Mehndi Artist

The mehndi artist will arrive at your doorstep and make your dreams true.

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Cheryls Beautician Home Service In Sialkot 

There will be thousands of salons in Sialkot but we are sure that you will not be able to resist us. We have all the important offers that we can achieve in your comfort zone. Cheryls knows that it is sometimes hard to get out of your comfort zone especially during this tough time. This is why we are providing you with our unique offer of at-home service. No matter what you want to get done, we have it all. There is nothing that our beauticians are not perfect at. Therefore, if you are looking for the best salon services in Sialkot, then you are already here.

Why Cheryls Is Capable Of Winning Your Heart 

There will always be some salons that will not have the right equipment or, the most important thing, they will not have the right beauticians. This is not the case with Cheryls. We have trained our beauticians to perfection. There is no procedure that they are not good at. Hence, due to our immense training, they are now also known to be our most famous beauticians because of their excellent work.

Get To Know Our Booking Process 

We do not make anything hard for our customers. Therefore, our booking process is easy as well. The only thing you will need to do is give us a ring. From there, we will ask you about the offer you would like to avail and your desired time and date. Moreover, our beautician will also ask you about your skin type so that we bring in accurate beauty products. We have all the different types of products for all skin types as well. 

Book Your Appointment Now From All Over Sialkot

The best thing about Cheryls is that we are reachable everywhere. We have the best facilities to be known as the best spa salon in Sialkot. We have all the things it takes to be the perfect salon. Hence, we not only serve some areas but, multiple famous areas of Sialkot while maintaining the SOPs. We follow strict measures such as wearing masks, gloves, coats, and caps which are always disposed of later.


In the Punjab locality, there are many Cheryl’s beauticians that will provide you with all of the salon services in Sialkot. It includes waxing, threading, hair salon services, manicure, pedicure, facial, bleaching.
We are providing Ladies' salon services in Hunter Pura, Hajipura, Shatab Garh, Cantt Sialkot, Askari 1, Askari 2, Rangpura, Fatehgarh, Green Town, Defence Homes, Nadir Town, Aziz Garden and all these near areas
When you want to reschedule your booking, you can contact us at +923021119973 two hours in advance. We will accommodate you based only on the schedule of our beautician.
We only provide at-home salon services. All the beauticians at Cheryl’s are rated very high and well trained. If in your first experience you are happy with the professional, you can again appoint her next time by our WhatsApp.
It would be ideal if you book an appointment one day before. But still, you can book a service two to three hours before.
Cheryl’s is currently operating on cash-based, Online bank transfer, Jazz cash, Easy Paisa, U Paisa.

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