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Keratin Hair Treatment at Home: Easy Steps to Get Salon-Quality Hair

Keratin Hair Treatment at Home: Easy Steps to Get Salon-Quality Hair


Searching for cost-effective Hair treatment at home to have smooth silky hair is a special skill. One of the top most treatment for hair is keratin hair treatment. This treatment might be on the expensive side but it is worth it. Going to the salon for this hair treatment is a must but, you can easily adapt to it at home as well. All you will need are some crucial elements to give you that special hair treatment. Hence, here is all you need to know to get the best hair treatment at home.You can always call upon Salon services at home to ease this process for you because it might be complex for most.


Keratin Hair Treatment- The Basics 


You will need to understand the basic keratin treatment if you are going to do it at home. Keratin means protein. Hence, you will be dealing with a protein treatment for your hair. This is also a natural element that exists in your hair and it is important as well because it fixes all the problems. Keratin is mostly found in the hair cuticle. This protein helps you get smooth hair so that you can style it however you want to with ease.


When you are going to be doing hair keratin treatment at home, you will have control over the application as well. You will need to have the right kind of products to have good results. Hence, firstly, you will need to collect all the different products that are needed. You also need to understand that the results will differ from one another. Everyone has different hair and they have to manage it accordingly. Hence, do not compare your hair results with others as there will be some sort of difference.


Have Clean Hair 


Before starting your keratin hair treatment at home, you will have to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo. You should apply the shampoo evenly and ensure that it is cleaning your hair. This step is important as it will help get rid of any excess oils as well as impurities. Hence, you should always rinse and clean your hair thoroughly before moving on to the next steps.


Have Good Equal Sections 


You should divide your hair into good sections which will make it easier for you to apply the keratin hair treatment. It is a must to have equal sections so that you get the results on all of your hair and not just on one specific area. To make equal sections, you can tie or use hair clips as well. This will make it easier for you to go through your hair and section it out.


Apply The Treatment in The Right Amount 


When you get the keratin treatment, you need to evenly place it on your hair. You can take as much time as you would like to apply the keratin treatment all over your hair. Ensure that all of the sections that you have made are coated. You can also comb out your hair thoroughly so that the coating is evenly applied all the way.


Have a Strict Look At Timing


When you have applied the keratin hair treatment, ensure to keep a timer next to you so that you are aware of the time being taken. It is highly important to keep a good note and look out for the time so that you are not overdoing the hair. Having the keratin treatment on your hair for more than the recommended time will damage your hair as well. Hence, you should keep a good eye on the clock. However, you should not wash off the treatment before the recommended time either as it will not get the time to do its magic.


Seal The Keratin Treatment 


To seal in the treatment, you need to use a blow dryer and use the lowest heat to dry your hair. This will help remove all the excess moisture that will be in your hair. After drying it, you can use a flat iron to straighten your hair. You should also section off your hair during this time so that you have an even look and straighten all of your hair. This is the process that will help lock your keratin hair treatment in place. Hence, you will have the best kind of look.


Let It Settle In


After locking in place, you will need to ensure your hair is cooled down and settled before moving on with anything else. The cooling phase will help the keratin to bond with your hair and make it last longer as well.


All of these steps are to be done with much caution because a small mishap might ruin the whole procedure. Hence, ensure to take your time with it and not rush.

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