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In the dynamic town of Quetta, where time is of the essence, Cheryl's is mainly a revolution inside the beauty enterprise via imparting salon services at home. As the move-to platform for salon service at home in Quetta, Cheryl's isn't always just a beauty solution; it is a way of life improving.

Bridal Makeup

The quality of makeup products can directly influence the appearance and makeup look.

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Facial & Cleanup

We are providing at-home yet highly professional beauticians for cleaning the face.

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Manicure and Pedicure

We are offering manicure & pedicure and also offer nail coloring services

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Waxing Services

It is every woman’s dream to have smooth and silky skin without any hair.

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Hair Treatment & Hairstyle

We have professionals who can make hairstyles and pay attention to the details.

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Threading & Face Wax

we are bringing Threading & face Wax services to the comfort of your home.

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Female Massage

At Cheryl’s, We are constantly striving to offer high-end massage therapy services

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Party Make-up

Cheryl’s is a place for everyone who wants to get their makeup done.

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Mehndi Artist

The mehndi artist will arrive at your doorstep and make your dreams true.

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Salon at Home

Salon Service at Home in Quetta: Redefining Convenience

In the hustle and bustle of Quetta, Cheryl sticks out for its commitment to comfort. Picture indulging in a pricey facial, a rejuvenating rub down, or an elegant nail trimming without stepping out of your private home. Cheryl's brings the salon to your doorstep, making self-care extra on hand for the women of Quetta.


Beauty Salon Service at Home in Quetta: A Personalised Experience does not simply deliver convenience; it grants a personalised beauty enjoyment. From traditional facials to specialised hair treatments, waxing, and incredible bridal makeup, Cheryl's gives a diverse variety of services tailor-made on your needs. Their skilled experts ensure a salon-like revel in the comfort of your own home.


Beauty Parlour Services at Home in Quetta: Empowering Women

Beyond beauty services, Cheryl's is empowering women in Quetta. By providing financial possibilities to proficient women professional in beauty offerings, Cheryl's is not just reworking appearances however additionally lives. Through Cheryl's, these women enhance their competencies, paving the manner for destiny entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Premium Beauty Services at Home in Quetta: Cheryl's Commitment to Excellence

Cheryl's distinguishes itself with a commitment to premium services. Be it a quick nail trimming or an elaborate bridal makeover, Cheryl's professionals deliver their information to the doorstep, ensuring a top-notch beauty revel in. The platform has turned out to be synonymous with fine, assembling the various beauty desires of its customers.

Cheryl's Package Deals: Meeting All Beauty Demands in Quetta

What sets Cheryl's apart is its potential to cater to various beauty demands through thoughtfully crafted package offers. These programs provide a complete variety of services, imparting customers with a one-forestall answer for all their beauty desires. Cheryl's affordability and convenience make it the favoured preference for those searching for a holistic beauty to enjoy in Quetta.

The Future of Beauty Services in Quetta: Cheryl's Vision

As Cheryl's continues to thrive, it charts the path for the destiny of beauty services in Quetta. The growing call for salon services at home in Quetta is met with Cheryl's commitment to convenience and customised reports. Beyond this, Cheryl's envisions a destiny wherein individuals can establish their own home beauty salons, contributing to the monetary empowerment of the community.

Conclusion: Cheryl's – Where Beauty Meets Empowerment in Quetta

Cheryl's isn't simply transforming the beauty landscape in Quetta; it is rewriting the script. By supplying salon offerings at home, empowering women through financial possibilities, and envisioning a destiny of impartial home beauty salons, Cheryl's is not only a provider provider; it's a catalyst for fantastic trade. As Quetta embraces the benefit and excellence offered with the aid of Cheryl's, it marks a sizeable bounce closer to a greater available, inclusive, and empowering beauty revel in for all.


In the Punjab locality, there are many Cheryl beauticians that will provide you with all of the salon services in Quetta. It includes waxing, threading, hair salon services, manicure, pedicure, facial, bleaching.

We are providing Ladies' salon services in Quetta City, Kuchlak, Zarghoon, Chiltan, Panjpai, Quetta Saddar, Hazar Ganji, Kachi Baig, Kili Shabo, Kirani, Hazara town and all these near areas.

Within 3 hours you can change the booking time, with the help of Reschedule feature. The beautician at the Cheryl’s is trained to customize the service according to your convenience. The package cannot be modified.

We only provide at home salon services. All the beauticians at Cheryl’s are rated very high and well trained. If in your first experience you are happy with the professional, you can again appoint her next time by our WhatsApp.

Yes! You can cancel the order 3 hours prior to your booking. When you are failed to do so, you will be charged Rs 500.

We will ensure the proper cleanliness of your home. The beautician will spread a floor sheet so there are no wastes left on the ground. The beautician will restore the original state of the place.


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