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Are the beauticians at Cheryl’s trustworthy?

All of the beauticians at Cheryl’s are verified. All of them comply with our high service standards. The selection process of Cheryl’s makes sure to take on board some reliable beauty professionals

Can I cancel my order?            

Yes! You can cancel the order 3 hours prior to your booking. When you are failed to do so, you will be charged Rs 500.

Can I get service from the same beautician?             

Yes! You can easily book the same beautician if you want.

Do I need to provide any product to the beautician?

We have all of the necessary tools, products and equipment that are required for the service.

Does Cheryl’s charge any transport charges?            

Yes, the charges are apply to the client according to the area.

Does the service COVID-19 safety and hygienic?     

The beautician will make sure to follow the SOPs. Our professionals make sure to wear a mask, sanitize the hands and equipment. They use disposable Facial can and Hygienic sticks.

How can I add a service to the existing appointment?         

You can contact us on +9230211199773 two hours in advance if you want to add a service. We will try to accommodate you base on our beautician schedule.

How can I cancel my booking?            

With your order number and Name you can contact us on +9230321119973. The cancellations should be made Three hours before the service.

How can I change the selected services and the time after booking a service?

Within 3 hours you can change the booking time, with the help of Reschedule feature. The beautician at the Cheryl’s are trained to customize the service according to your convenience. The package cannot be modified.

How can I choose my beautician?     

You can call on +923021119973 if you are willing to get your personal beautician. Currently Cheryl’s is not offering such functionality. Our team will try its best to accommodate your requests.

How Can I get salon deals?    

You can contact on Cheryl’s WhatsApp +92302 1119973 if you want beauty salon deals and discounted offers.

How can I know that my appointment is confirmed?

The team will send a confirmation message to you on your WhatsApp.

How can I reschedule my booking?  

When you want to reschedule your booking, you can contact us at +923021119973 two hours in advance. We will accommodate you based only on the schedule of our beautician.

How does the service of the Cheryl’s company work?

We can easily get in contact with you hour before a service. The professional will simply arrive at your doorstep. She will ask you for the place where she can put her equipment. Relating to your skin you will have a short consultation session with her. She will have all the necessary tools and kits.

How early should I book the service?

It would be ideal if you book an appointment one day before. But still you can book a service two to three hours before.

Is it possible to get salon services at home today? 

You can easily book your service two to three hours before. But still we would recommend you to get an appointment one day before.

What are the operating hours of the Cheryl’s company?

Cheryl’s provide services seven days a week from 8 am to 8pm.

What if I am running late?     

You can contact us at +923021119973 in case you are running late. The beautician will wait for 15 to 25 minutes. A delay in one appointment will set back all the other appointments so PRs. 500 will be charged to the client as a delay.

What if the beautician arrives late?

We believe in timeliness! You can contact Cheryl’s on +923021119973 if your beautician is more than 15 minutes late with your order number and Name.

What is the payment method?            

Cheryl’s is currently Accepting  payment in Cash based,  Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Bank transfer, Jazz cash, Easy Paisa, UPaisa, Zindigi Wallet, Visa and Master.

Will Cheryl’s ensures the cleanliness of the house during the and after the services?              

We will ensure the proper cleanliness of your home. The beautician will spread a floor sheet so there are no wastes left on the ground. The beautician will restore the original state of the place.



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