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Painless Eyebrow Threading At Your Own Home

Create a well-groomed appearance with our threading and face waxing services at home 

Grooming is essential for every woman, but it gets challenging to find time to go to a salon for eyebrow threading or get the face waxed. To help you out, Cheryl’s is offering you face threading and face wax at home . We understand that these are much-needed grooming services for everyone, and we are offering the services that will create a well-groomed face canvas. We are offering eyebrow threading, face wax and full body waxing at home, and upper lip threading at home to make sure you enjoy the most convenient experience. In addition, these services are curated to make sure you have a painless experience while creating long-lasting results.


Eye Brows - The one thing you can get in shape without exercising

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Smooth Eyebrow Threading & Upper Lip Threading Services at Home

To begin with, Cheryl’s is offering a wide range of threading and face waxing services to make sure we are catering to all your unique needs. Our eyebrow threading services are offered to help women show their eyebrows to perfection and however, they like it. We understand that every woman prefers a different eyebrow shape, and our expert beauticians will offer the eyebrow threading that fits your needs and complements your face shape. 
In addition to eyebrow threading at home, we are offering the upper lip threading services to make sure your face is hairless and looks on point. For providing these threading services, we have sourced medicated thread to make sure you don’t struggle with rashes, irritation, or redness. In addition to this, our threading services are curated to make sure all the hair are plucked from the roots. 
The upper lip threading and eyebrow threading are designed to deliver a painless experience. In addition to this, we use soothing lotions after the service, promising calmed and soft skin right away. For this reason, we have coined our name as the best salon services at home with our threading and waxing services with valuable outcomes. To summarize, you can depend on us for a quick and seamless experience in the comfort of your home. 

Cheryl’s Face Wax At Home

Cheryl’s understands that every woman is different, and so are her needs. So, if threading is not enough and you have hair all over the face, we are offering face wax services at home. The face wax service is offered to clear off hair from chin, cheeks, forehead, and beside the ear, making it a full-range experience. We pride ourselves in offering face wax services that deliver the smooth face canvas by clearing hair from the core. 
On top of everything, your comfort and safety are our top priority, which is why we use high-end face wax products. The face wax products are designed to pamper your skin while clearing the skin from hair. The face wax is handpicked to ensure it doesn’t cause rashes, redness, or irritation, making it a promising choice for women with sensitive skin. 

Get Your Hands At Comfortable Threading & Face Waxing Services 

Cheryl’s is a name of reliability and comfort, which is why we offer the most comfortable threading and face waxing service. We understand that every woman deserves a comfortable and pampering experience, which is why we offer the threading and face waxing services at your own home. Having that said, we promise to deliver the promised results. 
When you book our services, the beautician will reach your doorstep at the promised time, so you don’t run late on your own schedule. On top of everything, our beauticians are selected with professionalism and skills in mind, promising that your overall experience will be friendlier without compromising on quality, results, and value. 



Face wax is completely safe if it is done rightly. As the facial skin is sensitive, you need to be really careful about it. But you don’t have to worry as the Cheryl personal care providers are professionals and trained.
3-4 weeks is the average hair growth time for the majority of women.
No, it is not recommended to get a facial after face wax service. As the skin is sensitive after the wax so applying any kind of chemicals is not advisable.
You need to inform your personal care provider if you are getting the face wax done for the first time. You need to know that rashes are normal the first time. You can use cold water to cool off the skin. It is also advisable that products with chemicals must not be used after face waxing.
Yes, it is recommended that hot water and soap must not be used to wash the face after getting the service.
For sensitive skin types, RICA wax is the best. It has low heat application and is gentle. We only use RICA wax for this service as it also saves you from the hassle of frequent waxing service.

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