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Services Of Waxing At Home In Sialkot

Are you a house wife or working woman and hardly get time for yourself or to go to salons? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Serving in multiple famous areas of Sialkot, Cheryl, provides best services of waxing at home in Sialkot. Our aim is to provide hassle-free waxing services at your door-step. Whether you just want to remove unwanted hair or want full body wax – we are just a call away. The beautician arrives at your place on the day and time that you specify. We ensure that our beauticians follow all the Covid-19 Precautions. For this reason, they keep their masks on the whole time and sanitize their hands time to time.

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Fruit Rica - Full Body Rs 4,499 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Bikini Rs 1,349 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Stomach Waxing Rs 999 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Back Waxing Rs 999 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Underarms Rs 399 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Arms Rs 849 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Legs Rs 1,349 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Arms Rs 449 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Legs Rs 999 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Body Rs 2,999 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Bikini Rs 1,249 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Stomach Waxing Rs 799 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Back Waxing Rs 799 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Underarms Rs 299 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Arms Rs 549 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Legs Rs 1249 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Arms Rs 349 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Legs Rs 649 Book Now
Full Face Hot Wax Rs 999 Book Now
Per Part Face Hot Wax Rs 99 Book Now

Waxing Hair Removal Service Sialkot

If you want slower hair regrowth, then waxing is one of the best options. We offer a wide range of waxing services for hair removal to target every area of body and face. Our most used wax is the Rica Wax in Sialkot. Our beauty therapists are professionals. In addition to this, our waxing methods are pain-free, fast and effective. You do not have to worry about the ingrown hair as our waxing methods will give you a silky and sleek skin. Most importantly, hygiene is our utmost priority. Our products and equipment are of high quality and sterilized. We use top-notch wax for face waxing, removing unwanted hair, full body waxing etc.

Types Of Waxing Services

To match your needs, we provide all types of waxing services. We use fruit wax, simple sugar wax and Rica wax. Our body wax gives excellent results and keeps your skin hair free and smooth for about a month. Now you can also get full body waxing at home. It is more convenient and comfortable than actually going to the salon. Our beauticians will bring all of the required equipment along with the wax you chose. They are well-trained to do the work neatly and efficiently.

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The appointment booking process is extremely easy. To book your appointment, you can call on the provided number and give them your details. You can also fill up the form on our website and our team will reach out to you themselves. So, if you want full body wax, face wax or want to get rid of unwanted hair, book your at-home appointment right now.


It is a painful process because the hair is ripped out from its follicle. Therefore, people who have thicker or sensitive skin will feel more pain than usual. This is why you should call professionals from Cheryl's Company.
Yes, it is included in the service. You don't need to book the bikini waxing service separately
You should avoid razor because it makes the hair come back thicker, harder and darker. Using a razor also adds to getting more cuts and scrapes. Waxing becomes painless when the hair is harder and small. That is because the wax pulls out hair from the follicle and this makes the hair grow softer and weaker.
Waxing sticks to your skin and removes the top most layer of it. Waxing helps remove the dead skin as well so it is exfoliating and also removing the tan.
Our beauticians use the best equipment which is sanitized. Your home is a much cleaner and safer environment than a salon.
If you have sensitive skin then the best for you will be Rica fruit wax. That is because Rica Wax services contain low heat which makes the hair growth slow.
It differs for everyone because they have different growth patterns. Some might have fast hair growth and some might not. This also depends on your ethnicity but usually, it takes 4 weeks for the hair to grow back again.
There are some tips you can follow so that the process is easier. You should not cut your hair before the procedure nor shave in between the waxing sessions. The hair will be shorter and this will result in difficulty in removing them and you will also get an ingrown hair. Moreover, you can also give various different waxes a try to see which best suits you.
Yes. During pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive so a hard wax will be needed. You should also inform the beautician about your pregnancy before the session starts and always make sure you are going to a professional and a trained salon.
It is safe to get your face waxed. This part of the body is more sensitive so extra care is needed. It is fine to get your face waxed but make sure that you are getting it done by professionals and experts like us.
Our beautician will arrive at your home at the desired time and date. She will then ask you for a place to set up her equipment. To obtain the best results, it is ideal if you exfoliate your skin one or two days before the session. During the procedure, you should avoid moisturizing because it will impact the grip. Lastly, make sure that your room has good ventilation and it is cool.
You can. We would like it that you inform our beauticians first but there will be no changes in the chargers. They will be the same.
If you have long hair then it will be beneficial for you. That is because the wax will be able to grab the hair better and pull it out. You can also wait for 3 or 5 weeks before getting a waxing procedure done or 7 days when it comes to the full-body wax.
This wax is mainly composed of honey, sugar, water or lemon juice. This is then heated and mixed together. This wax is gentle on the skin and easy to use
You should ensure that your room has good ventilation so that there is no sweat
You should use a cold cloth or anything cold to help heal that area and let the rash sit for some while. You should always go through a service if you are doing it for the first time.
You just need to apply the wax with a spatula and then it is taken off by using strips.

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