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Most of us are acquainted with the process of threading. While it might be something not significant, it really is.  There are many threading services that we offer. The most popular of these are eyebrow threading.  We offer many other services in the packages which you can choose from. All these are included under the category of face threading.  Keeping this in mind, Cheryl's offers customers one of its most famous services in a professional way. We also bring this service with associated professional right to your doorsteps. This is the reason why our service for eyebrow threading in Multan is so popular.

Eye Brows - One thing you can get in shape without exercising

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Offering Painless Threading at Home in Multan

We make sure that the whole process is as comfortable and painless for our clients as it can get. We have professionals who know exactly how to do the job and are sent to our clients. This is why our customers enjoy the best experience of eyebrow threading. This is safe from any types of diseases and we are proud to also say that the professionals we have are the best in their respective fields. Other famous services also include upper lip threading at home.

Our Commitment To Our Valuable Customers

Cheryl's the best salon services at home in Multan, provides the best treatment that you would perhaps get at the top salons in the country, for procedures as small as face threading, right at your doorstep. Now that is something not everyone is willing and able to provide.

Providing the Best Products!

For procedures we offer like face waxing and body waxing at home in Multan, all products are supplied by us.  The products themselves that we use are of top quality which we combine with our top experts to provide the best experience of face threading which is sure to leave you coming back to us.We also look out for the safety of our customers which is the reason that we have policies for Covid-19 safety. We ensure that we use sterilized equipment and make sure that our experts wear protective gear at all times.  This way you can enjoy professional services of eyebrow threading without worrying about anything at all!

Why Cheryl’s?

At the moment our services of face threading are only available in many famous areas and other areas of Multan. However, our team is working tirelessly to provide our services to other areas of Pakistan, and we will give you this good news soon. Our process of booking is also very simple and easy so you don’t have to get stressed just by booking simple appointments for small procedures like upper lip threading at home. Then it is on us and we will come to your home and give you the relaxing time that you deserve


Face wax is completely safe if it is done rightly. As the facial skin is sensitive, you need to be really careful about it. But you don’t have to worry as the Cheryl personal care providers are professionals and trained.
3-4 weeks is the average hair growth time for the majority of women.
No, it is not recommended to get a facial after face wax service. As the skin is sensitive after the wax so applying any kind of chemicals is not advisable.
You need to inform your personal care provider if you are getting the face wax done for the first time. You need to know that rashes are normal the first time. You can use cold water to cool off the skin. It is also advisable that products with chemicals must not be used after face waxing.
Yes, it is recommended that hot water and soap must not be used to wash the face after getting the service.
For sensitive skin types, RICA wax is the best. It has low heat application and is gentle. We only use RICA wax for this service as it also saves you from the hassle of frequent waxing service.

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