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Eyebrow Threading and Face Wax In Faisalabad


Shine With Perfect Eyebrow Threading In Faisalabad

We know that it is essential for ladies to make their eyebrows. It is the main element of the face and this is what sparks up the whole look or makes it look weird. Therefore, now you don’t have to worry about not getting them done because Cheryls is now offering eyebrow threading in Faisalabad. With immense pleasure, we are now offering our unique service not only to specific places in Faisalabad but, also in multiple famous areas in Faisalabad. Therefore, we are reachable anywhere without any struggles. The only thing you will have to do is give us a ring and we will be there. 

Eye Brows - One thing you can get in shape without exercising

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Excellent Threading At Home In Faisalabad

We not only thread eyebrows to perfection but we also offer face threading. Before moving on to this procedure, our beautician will ask you about your skin type so that she is aware of the things she is using. Moreover, she will also let you know about any other important information before the procedure. Our eyebrow threading is done with professionalism. All of our team members are trained to do a perfect job. That is because Cheryls acknowledges that a good eyebrow thread can uplift your face. Hence, there is nothing to worry about. 

Our Multiple Offers

We have not kept any limitations when it comes to threading. Therefore, if you wish to have upper lip threading at home then that is also possible. Hence, we want to create ease for our customers so that they can relax. Lastly, our eyebrow threading and all the rest of the procedures will be done with good threads. They will not hurt your skin in any way nor will they leave any redness after the procedure. Hence, Cheryls is the best salon to contact at any time. 

Our Easy Booking Process

Cheryls is always on the lookout to make things easier for customers. That is why we have reduced the tension of the booking process of face waxing services in Faisalabad. To avail of any of our offers, you can just call us and tell us about the offer you would like. Next, our team member will ask you for your address, name, number, and your desired date and time.All of our team members are keen on keeping them and the people around them safe. Therefore, we follow strict SOPs. When our beautician arrives at your house you will see her in a complete attire of masks, gloves, surgical caps, and coats that will be disposed of later.


Face wax is completely safe if it is done rightly. As the facial skin is sensitive, you need to be really careful about it. But you don’t have to worry as the Cheryl personal care providers are professionals and trained.
3-4 weeks is the average hair growth time for the majority of women.
No, it is not recommended to get a facial after face wax service. As the skin is sensitive after the wax so applying any kind of chemicals is not advisable.
You need to inform your personal care provider if you are getting the face wax done for the first time. You need to know that rashes are normal the first time. You can use cold water to cool off the skin. It is also advisable that products with chemicals must not be used after face waxing.
Yes, it is recommended that hot water and soap must not be used to wash the face after getting the service.
For sensitive skin types, RICA wax is the best. It has low heat application and is gentle. We only use RICA wax for this service as it also saves you from the hassle of frequent waxing service.

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