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Get Eyebrow Threading In Karachi By Experts At Home

In search of experts who can help you with eyebrow threading in Karachi? We at Cheryl's, are here to help you with eyebrow threading services and that too at home. You can reach out to us via our online platform and book your slot as per your needs. Our experts are going to visit your address and help you with eyebrow threading services like never before. 
We have always been highly appraised for our quality of salon services at home in Karachi. Our timeliness and original products have made us what we are today. We get service requirements from literally every part of the city. So, you can be certain that your service needs are with the expert hands in the business when it comes to providing eyebrow threading at your home. 

Eye Brows - The one thing you can get in shape without exercising

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Safe and Effective Threading At Home In Karachi 

Many have stopped going outside for their needs of threading services in Karachi because of the COVID-19 effect. Not only this, it is very challenging to find the right company as well nearby where you can avail threading services as per your custom needs. With us, you can have all these hurdles crossed as we are going to provide all types of threading services at home itself.
Not only this, we, at Cheryl's, are going to follow every single COVID-19 protocol to assist you and ensure that you feel safe and secure all through the service. We understand the kind of service you are looking forward to having and accordingly assist you with the same. So, with us, you get top-notch threading services just the way you want and that too at great deals. 

Hire Us For All Types of Threading Services In Karachi

We have expertise in the business when it comes to providing all types of threading services in Karachi. You can reach out to us and avail services mentioned below. Take a look:
Face Threading
Upper Lip threading at home
Eyebrow threading 
face waxing services in Karachi
And more. 
These are the services we have in an offer as per your needs. You can book the service online and get experts at your place to get the job done as per your needs in every which way. 

Why Cheryl's?

We have been one of the most experienced companies in the business when it comes to providing at threading and waxing at home service in Karachi. You can book your appointment with ease through our online platform and get all the assistance you need for your threading requirements. Our expert is going to be at your place with the original products and help you with the service as required. Get connected now @ Cheryl's! 


Face wax is completely safe if it is done rightly. As the facial skin is sensitive, you need to be really careful about it. But you don’t have to worry as the Cheryl personal care providers are professionals and trained.
3-4 weeks is the average hair growth time for the majority of women. 
No, it is not recommended to get a facial after face wax service. As the skin is sensitive after the wax so applying any kind of chemicals is not advisable.
You need to inform your personal care provider if you are getting the face wax done for the first time. You need to know that rashes are normal the first time. You can use cold water to cool off the skin. It is also advisable that products with chemicals must not be used after face waxing.
Yes, it is recommended that hot water and soap must not be used to wash the face after getting the service. 
For sensitive skin types, RICA wax is the best. It has low heat application and is gentle. We only use RICA wax for this service as it also saves you from the hassle of frequent waxing service.

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