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Best Hair Treatment At Home In Multan

We know that everyone is craving to get a haircut after this lockdown. Sometimes we don’t feel to step out of the house. Well in that case acquire hairstyle services from the Hair treatment at home in Multan. Now you don’t have to go out of your home for rebonding hair and travel for miles to get a haircut. Our hairstylist will arrive straight at your home, the only thing you need is a chair and proper lighting. We will help you in saving your precious time. We here with our salon services at home in Multan to provide you with the best protein treatment during your festive. 

Hair Professional - Right hairstyle can make a women beautiful

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Haircut Rs 2,199 Book Now
Child Haircut (Below 6 Year Old) Rs 1,199 Book Now
Hair Trimming Rs 1,199 Book Now
Hairstyle Rs 1,799 Book Now
Child Hairstyle Rs 1,199 Book Now
Hair Dye Application Only (Client's Dye) Rs 999 Book Now
Blowdry Rs 1,799 Book Now
Bridal Hairstyle (with jewelry setting) Rs 3,999 Book Now
Hot Oil and Shoulder Massage (15 mins) Rs 999 Book Now
Organic Herbal Treatment + Wash + Massage (10 mins) Rs 999 Book Now
Dupatta and Jewelry Setting Rs 199 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Neck & Shoulder Length Hair - Rs 15,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Medium Back Length Hair - Rs 18,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Waist Length Hair - Rs 25,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Hips Length Hair Rs 30,000 Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Shoulder Length - Rs 18,000 With Base / Rs 16,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Medium Length - Rs 25,000 With Base / Rs 23,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Waist Length - Rs 30,000 With Base / Rs 28,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Hips Length - Rs 35,000 With Base / Rs 33,000 Without Base Book Now

Acquire The Perfect Hair Styling By The Best Hair Salon In Multan

Nowadays everyone is so busy that they don’t have time to go to a salon at every event. Multan Hairstyle has a very smart solution, in that case, now you can obtain your favourite extension hair treatment at your home at any time. Because of our easy booking process, we can come to your home and give you your dream hairstyle. Enjoy the best hair treatment salon in Multan. 

Obtain Regular Treatment For Healthy Hairs

Are you worried due to split ends? Don’t worry Multan Hair salon is here to witness the magic by using Keratin Treatment at Home. Whether it’s about preventing split ends or making your strands healthier, we will do it all. We are the keratin hair treatment at home in Multan. During the pandemic we know much it is important to follow COVID-19 safety steps. Before using the accessories our beauticians thoroughly cleans them so they are no chances for any germs. Hence we are the best hair salon in Multan for ladies.

Procure Stunning Hairstyles That Will Turn All The Heads 

During weddings, ladies are always finding healthy hair treatment at home that can help them to look fantastic. There is a quiet difference between wedding hairstyles and simple hairstyles. For a bridal hairstyle, you need a beautician that has deep knowledge of hairstyling services. A keratin hair treatment at home can make you look older or younger, so it can be very risky sometimes. We will give you your favorite looks such as party hairstyles and mehndi hairstyles. You can also get our services for party makeup at home in Multan and bridal makeup at home in Multan to get your imaginative look on your special day.

Hire Professionals Who Know Their Job 

Our professionals will help you when you require a hairstyle that can fit perfectly with your face cut. You will find many salons but we are the best at hair fall treatment at home. Our professional beauticians know what type of hairstyle will be perfect for a round face and a long face. Enjoy different types of Hair Treatment Services from us because we are serving multiple famous areas of Multan. Contact us now to witness the magic!


Yes, Cheryl’s hairstylists bring all the required products and equipment for doing the protein treatment for hair.
Our professional hairstylists recommend keratin hair treatment for curly or frizzy hair textures.
Rebounding is best for healthy, thick and voluminous hair. Whereas extenso hair treatment gives more volume and smooth hair. It is also preferred because it gives a natural look to the hair.
With proper care and only 2 to 3 washes a week, the keratin hair treatment effects last up to six months.
Yes. Pure Argan oil is best for keratin-treated hair because it does not contain any added chemicals which can damage the keratin-treated hair. Olive oil is also a good alternative to argan oil.
Yes, cutting hair is required after any type of treatment. It is because, after keratin smoothing treatment, the split ends and other imperfections become more visible.
Our beautician will arrive at your home and she will then set up her equipment. The only thing you will need to do will get a chair with good lighting next to a power source. Make sure that the socket is not directly connected to the UPS in case of an outage. Moreover, to obtain the best results, you should wash your hair and there is electricity.
Yes, you need to bring your own hair colour. This service is only for applying hair colour.

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