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Now you don’t have to worry about designing your hair because we are here to save you from a bad hair day. Cheryls is now the best hair salon in Faisalabad. We are always on the hunt to make our salon one of the best. There is no such treatment that we do not cover in our salon.Moreover, the best thing about us is how we are offering hair styling at home in Faisalabad. We know how much important it is to take care of your hair. The main reason why we established this service is that we noticed that numerous females are hesitant in showing off their hair in public areas. Therefore, to give them an equal chance to shine, Cheryls how proudly present our home services.

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Haircut Rs 2,199 Book Now
Child Haircut (Below 6 Year Old) Rs 1,199 Book Now
Hair Trimming Rs 1,199 Book Now
Hairstyle Rs 1,799 Book Now
Hair Dye Application Only (Client's Dye) Rs 999 Book Now
Hair Dye Application Only (Client's Dye) Rs 999 Book Now
Blowdry Rs 1,799 Book Now
Bridal Hairstyle (with jewelry setting) Rs 3,999 Book Now
Hot Oil and Shoulder Massage (15 mins) Rs 999 Book Now
Organic Herbal Treatment + Wash + Massage (10 mins) Rs 999 Book Now
Dupatta and Jewelry Setting Rs 199 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Neck & Shoulder Length Hair - Rs 15,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Medium Back Length Hair - Rs 18,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Waist Length Hair - Rs 25,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Hips Length Hair Rs 30,000 Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Shoulder Length - Rs 18,000 With Base / Rs 16,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Medium Length - Rs 25,000 With Base / Rs 23,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Waist Length - Rs 30,000 With Base / Rs 28,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Hips Length - Rs 35,000 With Base / Rs 33,000 Without Base Book Now

Get In Touch With The Best Hair Salon In Faisalabad

If you ever want your long hair back then there is no need to worry. Our amazing extension hair treatment will make your hair look natural while it is long and luscious. Cheryls has kept all the important and excellent services so that you are pleased and have a variety of options to choose from. Our professionals also know are skilled at rebounding hair. If you want your hair to feel more natural and soft then picking this option will be the best. Our team will always give you advice if you are ever stuck on availing of any offer. That is because they will know best which treatment will work wonders for you in the best hair treatment salon in Faisalabad.

Our Unique Abilities 

To become one of the best hair salon in Faisalabad for ladies, the staff also needs to know how to excel in hairstyles. Therefore, our staff members know exactly how to style your hair according to the event that you are headed. We have a ton of options for you to choose from like party hairstyles, mehndi hairstyles, and even bridal hairstyle.
Therefore, you can easily contact us at any time and we will be able to do everything because we are a whole package. Lastly, we also follow the strict measures of Covid-19. Hence, masks, sanitizers, gloves, and coats are necessary for all.

Our Easy Booking Process

We always work to improve ourselves and make things easier for people. Hence, our booking process is simple. You will just need to give us a call and let us know about the treatment you are willing to avail yourself of. We will then further ask for your address, name, number, date, and time. All of our hair treatment services are unique which will surely make your hair feel healthy and glamorous.
One of our best hair treatments is the Keratin hair treatment and the protein treatment for hair. This is best for those who suffer from extreme hair loss. All the protein in this hair treatment will make your hair silky smooth. Hence, you can get the Keratin treatment at home from us. Moreover, our team always looks into the type of hair you have before moving on with any procedure.


Yes, Cheryl’s hairstylists bring all the required products and equipment for doing the protein treatment for hair.
Our professional hairstylists recommend keratin hair treatment for curly or frizzy hair textures.
Rebounding is best for healthy, thick and voluminous hair. Whereas extenso hair treatment gives more volume and smooth hair. It is also preferred because it gives a natural look to the hair.
With proper care and only 2 to 3 washes a week, the keratin hair treatment effects last up to six months.
Yes. Pure Argan oil is best for keratin-treated hair because it does not contain any added chemicals which can damage the keratin-treated hair. Olive oil is also a good alternative to argan oil.
Yes, cutting hair is required after any type of treatment. It is because, after keratin smoothing treatment, the split ends and other imperfections become more visible.
Our beautician will arrive at your home and she will then set up her equipment. The only thing you will need to do will get a chair with good lighting next to a power source. Make sure that the socket is not directly connected to the UPS in case of an outage. Moreover, to obtain the best results, you should wash your hair and there is electricity.
Yes, you need to bring your own hair colour. This service is only for applying hair colour.

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