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Makeup is a crucial part of every woman’s look, but not everyone has the honed skills of putting on perfect makeup according to the event. So, if you need to get the makeup done, we pride ourselves on having the best makeup artist  who understands the intricacies of makeup and knows all the right techniques to transform your look. It doesn’t matter if you want minimal makeup, traditional or modern; we have professionals for everything!
At Cheryl’s, we are known to bring beauty to you with all the essential equipment and makeup tools to ensure your makeup look is on point. We understand the need for different makeup looks for everyone, which is why we have hired a team of famous makeup artists, who are skilled in specific makeup styles!

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Barat / Walima Platinum Signature's Rs 24,999 Book Now
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Cheryl's Mehndi Makeup + Hair Styling Rs 11,999 Book Now
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Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint with Hairstyle * Rs 5,499 Book Now
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Eye Makeup with Lashes Rs 1,499 Book Now
Eye Makeup without lashes Rs 999 Book Now
Eyelash Application Rs 499 Book Now
Dupatta and Jewelry Setting Rs 499 Book Now

Makeup For Loving Moments - Nikkah And Engagement Makeup 

Every woman knows how special the engagement and nikkah ceremonies are to them, and it’s everyone’s dream to look like a million bucks. Having that said, if your big day is coming up and you are worried about getting the bridal makeup done, we offer the at-home makeup service with which the makeup artist home service are provided, so you can doll up at your home. Our professional makeup service is delivered with a team of expert beauticians who understand the importance of using the right makeup products and techniques according to your face shape. In fact, we believe in accentuating your beauty rather than changing the way you look. When you choose Cheryl’s for your salon services at home, we promise to make you extraordinarily beautiful, so everyone stops and admires you. At Cheryl’s, we have also selected makeup products to provide a full-coverage and long-lasting makeup look. Ranging from foundations to eye makeup products and makeup tools, all the products are sourced from high-end brands to make sure you have the safest experience while flaunting the best appearance. On top of everything, if you have the desired makeup look in mind, you can show that to our makeup artist, and she will create the promised look that adds sparkles to your look!

Twinkling Party Makeup

In case you have a close wedding to attend, or if your farewell or party is coming up, you must be looking for party makeup services at home that offer top-notch makeup looks without taking away your convenience. If this sounds relatable, we are offering the best party makeup services to make sure you look at your best at the event. Our party makeup and hair treatment at home services for big day are designed to elevate your look. At Cheryl’s, we understand that the makeup has to go with the dress and your personal preference, and that’s exactly what we do. When you come to us, we will ask you about your personal preference, have a look at your dress, and go on with the makeup accordingly. 

Cheryl’s Appealing Eye Makeup

It’s no secret that eye makeup can be challenging, and it’s hard to use those highly pigmented eyeshades as they can literally make or break your look. That being said, we are here to offer the best eye makeup services. With this service, we will curate the eye makeup look for you, so you can simply do the remaining face as per your preference. As far as eye makeup is concerned, we understand the need for the right eyeshades. For this reason, we have sourced our eye makeup products from the most reputed brands to make sure the eye makeup is long-lasting and doesn’t fade away. Also, our brushes, eyeliners, mascaras, and lashes are handpicked to ensure the eye makeup is done to perfection. 


The area should have good lighting and enough space for our beautician to place her equipment. You can also choose a place next to the window because natural lighting is the best. So it can be a dining room also a kitchen.
We provide makeup services for any event. Such as photo shoots, corporate events, award ceremonies, shows, and any type of other celebration as well like birthdays, parties, Eid and anniversaries.
The makeup trials are done at home and the same beautician will also do your makeup on your wedding day. The trial lasts for 45 to 60 minutes and the service is in its own right because it does not allocate anything.
It is ideal that the hair is styled first because it needs to go through the washing, ironing and styling process.
The materials that beauticians use vary. For us, it is essential that all of our company artists are familiar with all the different products that they use and also choose those materials which are reliable.

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