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Party Makeup Services At Home In Gujranwala

Exemplary Party Makeup Services At Home In Gujranwala

In today’s world, the regime of beauty and its trends have been increasing a lot. Everybody, specifically women, is quite keen on the idea of beauty. This is why Cheryl’s brings you the finest party makeup services at home in Gujranwala. Our experts specialized in makeup for weddings, engagements, birthday parties, and all events. You will find your makeup bright and classy just like your personality.

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Barat / Walima Platinum Signature's Rs 24,999 Book Now
Barat / Walima Gold Signature's Rs 24,999 Book Now
Engagement / Nikkah Makeup + Hair Styling Rs 14,999 Book Now
Cheryl's Mehndi Makeup + Hair Styling Rs 11,999 Book Now
Cheryl's Mayun Makeup + Hair Styling Rs 9,999 Book Now
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint with Hairstyle * Rs 5,499 Book Now
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint * Rs 4,499 Book Now
Eye Makeup with Lashes Rs 1,499 Book Now
Eye Makeup without lashes Rs 999 Book Now
Eyelash Application Rs 499 Book Now
Dupatta and Jewelry Setting Rs 499 Book Now

Best Party Makeup In Gujranwala For You

Now at this point, you might be wondering “wow! How is that possible!?”. You can get makeup services according to your heart's desire. Then with our safety services, you can get a great party makeup look without damaging your skin. You will be our first priority even if the season of such amenities is at its peak. This means on occasions like gatherings or parties; services like Cheryl's are available for you to take full advantage of. You can avail the party makeup services at home in Gujranwala.

We Make You, Your Perfect Version

Here is a thing; you don’t want to waste your time and money over something with questionable results. Our professional team at Cheryl’s always deals with customers with professionalism. It is because we don’t want you to end up in a disappointing situation from your appointments. To save you from that sort of situation and to get you the best party makeup and hairstyle at home service in Gujranwala, even during the recent spells of covid-19, and so, our services are a preeminent option for the safest measures.

Reliable And Affordable Deals

Affordable party makeup deals in Gujranwala are available for different events. Additionally, we also cover many areas and towns of Gujranwala or near the territory of Gujranwala. This is because we want you to have a great time availing our vast range of facilities and packages. Your satisfaction is what we desire. In addition to that, our expert working style actually grants the full safety of your skin.

Additional Factors To Know

Another thing to remember and know about is the providing quality of salon services at home in Gujranwala. We don’t want our customers to face disappointment. And you can NOT have an A grade work without professionals. So at Cheryl’s, you will find not only budget-friendly rates and deals; but also the best party makeup artists in Gujranwala. For details and bookings for your events, contact us now.


The area should have good lighting and enough space for our beautician to place her equipment. You can also choose a place next to the window because natural lighting is the best. So it can be a dining room also a kitchen.
We provide makeup services for any event. Such as photo shoots, corporate events, award ceremonies, shows, and any type of other celebration as well like birthdays, parties, Eid and anniversaries.
The makeup trials are done at home and the same beautician will also do your makeup on your wedding day. The trial lasts for 45 to 60 minutes and the service is in its own right because it does not allocate anything.
It is ideal that the hair is styled first because it needs to go through the washing, ironing and styling process.
The materials that beauticians use vary. For us, it is essential that all of our company artists are familiar with all the different products that they use and also choose those materials which are reliable.

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