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Our Appealing Women Massage In Multan

Our fine service for women massage in Multan will surely give you a refreshing and comforting experience. Due to the pandemic, we came to an understanding that a lot of people could not get a relaxing massage. Therefore, to give you a break from having a rough time, we deliver at-home massage services in Multan. We offer numerous services and we are spread all over Multan.We do not constrict our services to a specific area but, we provide them in the most famous areas in Multan as well. All of our staff members are professionals and we have trained them to give you the best and most relaxing massage. We do not receive any complaints from our customers because we are the leading team in what we do. We use the best and the latest tools to give you the most comforting experience.

Massage Therapist - Taking massage is better than being lazy

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Cheryl's Full Body Massage Therapy (60 Minutes) Rs 2,499 Book Now
Cheryl's Full Body Massage Therapy (90 Minutes) Rs 3,899 Book Now
Stress Relief Swedish Full Body Massage (90 Minutes) Rs 3,999 Book Now
Pain Relief Deep Tissue Full Body Therapy (90 Minutes) Rs 3,999 Book Now
Holistic De-Stress Therapy (For Head - 35 Minutes) Rs 1,499 Book Now
Anti Aging Body Scrub + Massage (90 Minutes) Rs 3,899 Book Now
Head Shoulder & Foot Therapy (40 Minutes) Rs 1,199 Book Now
Relaxing Back Massage Therapy (20 Minutes) Rs 999 Book Now
Relaxing Head Massage (20 Minutes) Rs 999 Book Now
Head, Neck & Shoulder Therapy (30 Minutes) Rs 1,499 Book Now
Relaxing Foot Massage Therapy (20 Minutes) Rs 999 Book Now
Add ons Extra Massage Time (15 Minutes) Rs 699 Book Now

We Are Effortlessly Accessible 

When it comes to booking an appointment from us, there is no need to worry or hesitate. That is because our booking process is easy and simple. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know your desired massage. After that, you will have to provide us with your name, address, contact number, date, and time. You will only have to provide us with this information and we will arrive at you in no time.Due to Covid-19, we assure that our staff is well equipped with all the essential things that are needed. Therefore, all of our members come with an extra set of masks, gloves, sanitizers, and other crucial necessities. Hence, you do not need to worry about you being in danger or our staff members because we take strict safety measures.

Unique Home Service for Massage in Multan

We provide one of the best massage for women in Multan which will surely surprise you. We assure you that once you get our massage you will keep asking for more. We offer different massages services like women body massage. You can always tell us which part you want us to smooth out so that you feel fresh and relaxed.Our staff is trained well to give you the most relaxing feeling. We not only have this service but, we also offer women full body massage, pain relief deep tissue massage therapy,and Swedish full body massage. Our massage service Multan is unique and one of a kind. We offer massage home service Multan and they are immensely effective which you will enjoy. 


Our therapists are female and we offer spa treatments for women only.
Yes, during massage your muscles are stimulated so slight pain is normal. However, if the pain continues, then you should inform the massage therapist immediately.
With our services, you don’t even have to worry about what to wear. Our therapists bring all the products, equipment and a gown for the client to wear.
After booking the appointment, our beautician will arrive at your desired time and date. She will then ask you for a place to set up her products and other equipment for which you can provide her with a TV tray or a side table.
For general wellness, it is recommended to get a massage twice a month.
Yes, our professional therapists are trained to give you a relaxing experience by relieving muscle tension and pain through pressure points techniques.
No, our massage therapists bring the massage sheets and all the essential oils.
Our therapists use Olive and Almond oil which is natural, skin-friendly and are specifically designed by Seer Secrets for Cheryl's Company.
Head massage is best for relieving stress. It is beneficial for reducing severe headaches, lowering blood pressure. Head massage also helps in hair growth.
Yes, our therapist brings the floor sheet to keep your house clean. After the spa treatment, our therapist will pick up the floor sheet and clean the area.
To destress yourself completely, a warm bath will enhance the effects of massage and is highly recommended.
It is not recommended to get a massage in your first trimester. However, the spa can really help in the latter part of your pregnancy. It is better to consult the therapist before massaging for further guidance.
The minimum amount to book a spa at home service is Rs. 2000.
You can take a shower after your massage but you will need to ensure safety. Take your time out and feel your body before stepping in to take a shower. You will also need to take control of the water to make sure it does not too hot.

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