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3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Having Mehndi On Your Hands

3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Having Mehndi On Your Hands

Mehndi is a temporary type of tattoo that is created by a Mehndi artist using a special blend of plant paste. The paste is usually the minced leaves of Lawsonia inemis. Since the tradition of Mehndi art mostly arrived from Indian culture, many people also use the Hindi name for it that is called Henna. In this day and age, many people think that ink tattoos are cool. However, Henna is a tattoo option for people who are not looking for anything permanent.

Getting Henna Is Now Easy

In the old days, the women of a family would use Henna on special occasions such as weddings, holidays, or some other festive event only. Finding henna leaves was difficult and it had to be used within 24 hours of getting minced and grounded for best effects. However, in the modern world Henna is enhanced by different chemicals and people can purchase and store a henna cone for as long as a month in their fridges.
However, creating intricate henna tattoos is not for everyone. The task requires detailed patterns and dexterity to replicate the traditional henna designs. Therefore, even when a person has bought a henna cone, it is not necessary that they would be able to have a decent enough design. The people who want to try it out can also opt for Salon Services at Home. It is only a matter of picking up the phone and making an appointment with artists.

Tips To Get The Best Henna Designs 

When it comes to henna designs every person has their personal preferences. It means that the designers should make sure that they have to browse the designs that are available on the internet. Indian artists have taken references for henna designs from countries like Iran, Arab, Malaysia, and many other regions. It is best to ask the artist about the design options first before making a home appointment. 
When a person is thinking about calling a Mehndi Artist at Home, they should make sure to inquire about the type of chemicals that they are using. There are some cases when people tend to get a severe allergic reaction to some printing chemicals in henna. Therefore, the consumers must get a swatch taste first before going for the full design. 

Fun Things To Consider For A Henna Styling

When it is to henna, a consumer should know what their design options are. The Mehdi artists can try out new things such as putting tattoos on the full arm length or even giving the toes a hint of new embellishment. Traditionally, women in India used the essence of the Henna leaves to paint their nails. The dye made from Henna nails is orangish-red. Since it is mostly organic, it leaves a marvelous print that vibrates and sparkles.
The people who want to look for organic makeup options can also try out henna prints. They can also plant the seeds of henna in their backyard and pick leaves for mashing and pasting now and then. The henna nails are a great stand-in for the cosmetic nail polish that usually contains harmful chemicals and can also have a bad impact on the environment. In this manner, henna tattoos are gaining more popularity among the masses in western culture. 


When it comes to fun and new ways for a makeover, henna tattoos are an option that women around the world want to try at least once. When used with caution and education, henna tattoos can be a wonderful experience and there are some manicure/pedicure salons also that have started to offer the option for their consumers who are walk-in or at home. 
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