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5 Hacks to Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Remover

5 Hacks to Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Remover


Nail Polish is one of the essential and basic beauty products which has played a vital role in upgrading beauty standards for women. There are plenty of shades available in nail polishes and beauty conscious ladies enjoy matching their nail color to their outfits. These nail polishes enhance the grace and look of ladies and make them feel more confident in their look. Applying nail-polish is not a much more difficult task as compared to removing it. Removing nail polish is a challenging thing and if it is done untidily, it gives a dirty and unclean look to hands. Nail polish remover is one of the most common ways of removing nail polish but, there are some other ways as well through which nail polish can be removed which are mentioned below:

Using Natural Items

-Vinegar and Fruit juice


-Baking soda

Using Artificial Products

-Hair spray

-Nail polish

-Hand sanitizer

-Hydrogen Peroxide

Using Natural Items

It is not necessary to use a nail polish remover or an alcohol-based item to remove nail polish from nails. There are some natural items that have specific chemicals which help to remove nail polish easily and tidily. These homemade remedies for nail polish removal have decreased the need for nail remover and alcoholic products for nail paint removal. People also prefer to use natural remedies because they do not contain any chemical that would harm your skin or damage your natural nail color.

Vinegar And Fruit Juice

You have to mix an equal ratio of vinegar and any fruit juice (e.g., orange juice ). Dip a small piece of cotton in the mixture and place it on your nails for about ten seconds. Once the nail polish melts, rub it two to three times to remove it.


Lemon is also suitable if you want to remove your nail polish without using nail remover.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be used to remove nail polish. Just sprinkle on your nails and rub it repeatedly with a toothbrush. You have to e patient because baking soda takes some time to remove the polish.

Using Hair Spray

Hair spray is a very useful product when it comes to styling. People usually apply hair spray after a haircut or after styling their hair but, it can do another important thing. It has certain chemicals which help to remove nail polish. It contains chemicals that act like thinner and remove paints. All you have to do is just spray on your nails and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Peel the paint off your nails now.

Using Old Nail Polish

If you do not have anything to remove your nail polish, do not worry. An interesting thing about nail polish is that it does not only help to change the color of your nails temporarily but, it can also help you restore the natural color and texture of your nails. You need to apply another coat of nail polish on your nail paint. Nail polish has solvents that evaporate in air so when you apply a second coat, the previous coat softens back and changes again to liquid state. After applying a second coat, immediately remove the nail polish with a tissue or a cotton piece. You must be careful and do not let the second coat dry up. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to remove two coats of nail polish.

Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a very important and necessary item in every household in these crisis of coronavirus. These sanitizers, in addition to protecting, help to remove nail polish. It contains a little amount of alcohol which is a major ingredient of nail removers. So, just spray a small amount of hand sanitizer on your nails. Rub it for some time with the help of cotton plugs or a simple piece of cotton. If there is still nail polish left, again apply the sanitizer until it completely peels off.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide can also act as a nail polish remover. It is used in various make-up items for lighting purposes. You have to make a mixture by adding two-thirds of hydrogen peroxide and one-third hot water. Dip a cotton piece in the mixture and rub it for a few minutes until the paint comes off. So, in this article, we have seen how we can remove nail polish without a nail remover easily. We have now come to know that it is not necessary to have nail polish remover to remove your nail polish. Instead, you have many alternatives that free you from buying expensive nail polish removers. These alternatives are not only cheap but do not let you differentiate between removal with the help of remover and removal with the help of the alternatives. 

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