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5 Precautions You Should Never Take Before Facial

5 Precautions You Should Never Take Before Facial


Your skin needs proper preparation before a facial as different chemical masks and products are applied to your skin during the facial. Some of the products have strong reactions which might damage your skin. However, you must take care of your skin before a facial for better results.

1. Avoid sun exposure before facial. If you go for a suntan before your facial treatment, your skin may damage further during the facial, because your skin would have sunburns which may react with the active ingredients of the anti-aging and brightening serum. So it is important to have less sun exposure for satisfying results.

2. Do not exfoliate your skin before the facial. Exfoliation leads to the opening of pores which other skincare products guard when applied on the skin right after that. So if you exfoliate your skin before the facial, it might get dangerous for your skin as the facial products have harsh chemicals in them.

3. Never wax your face before your facial treatment. Waxing your face cause sensitivity and the opening of pores on the skin. Facial products may harmfully react on your skin if you have done waxing. So it is important to prevent waxing your face 24 hours before facial treatment.

4. Do not squeeze your acne before facial. It is generally harmful to touch and squeeze your acne, but doing it before your facial may cause redness and permanent acne spots on your skin. The facial products deal with acne as well, so let them reduce the acne themselves.

5. Do not get eyelash extensions before facial treatment. The glue for eyelash extensions does not get off for two days. So it is important to have a clean face before the treatment.

Facial is The Basic Need for Skin Care

We need skincare to pamper our skin and to feel fresh. Our skin needs hydration and relaxation. With skincare, we become able to feel the positive differences in our skin. A facial is a highly-used skincare therapy for the pampering of skin. It is done on the skin to reduce skin inflammation, remove dead skin cells, reduce puffiness, sagginess, and wrinkles on the face. It provides muscle relaxation and the skin becomes soft, anti-aging, clear, and the person feels younger after a facial. It is the best technique for blood circulation and hydration of the skin which is beneficial for our body.

 Skin preparation is necessary before the facial; it is like working out before exercise. There are different types of facial techniques that numerous spas offer to their customers. All of these types are common in hydrating the skin and providing anti-aging effects on the skin.

Classical Facial

It is a basic facial technique that includes steps like cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, moisturizing and application of various masks. You can get it anytime when your skin feels dull. You can even do it yourself at home as it is a basic skincare routine nowadays.

Brightening Facial

It is a part of classical facial which is needed for treating uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation of the skin. Numerous brightening serums are applied on skin which includes Vitamin C on the face after exfoliating. Fruit masks and other peel-off masks may apply to the skin.

Anti-ageing Facial

An anti-aging facial treats skin issues which are generally age-related. This type of facial reduces wrinkles and sagginess of the skin. It is most common in women aged after 30 who want to look younger and want their skin to feel fresh.

Hydrating Facial

This type of facial explains itself by its name. It is suitable for skin that is dry, patchy, and dehydrated. The hydrating facial helps to hydrate the skin by using the related products. This technique is mostly like classical facial as it involves exfoliation, cleansing, etc.

LED Light Therapy

This type of facial requires LED light which applies various reactions on the skin which are helpful for the blood circulation and brightening of the skin. It is now used very often in spas but women should avoid using it frequently as the light has very effective radiations which may cause complications on the skin.

Pros and Cons of Facial Treatment

Getting facial treatment provides a natural glow on your skin. Your skin feels new, young, and fresh. It also relieves stress and psychological disturbance and elevates your mood. It cleanses your skin completely, prevents aging, and provides rapid blood circulation. Moreover, it detoxifies your skin by cleansing the internal pores and relaxing your facial muscles. It is also effective in reducing dark circles and under-eye bags. We see how facial treatment is beneficial for us and our skin externally as well as internally.

On the contrary to that, facial has some disadvantages as well. The harsh ingredients used in the treatment have powerful reactions which may affect your skin. Every skin type is different so some treatment products may not suit your skin type. it is crucial to ask for a patch test first for a successful facial treatment.

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