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5 Steps for Choosing a Clean and Safe Sunscreen

5 Steps for Choosing a Clean and Safe Sunscreen

Women are always concerned about keeping their skin maintained and fresh. They want to look young day by day. For that, they apply multiple products to their skin and keep their skincare routine updated. For this, you must know the products you are using on your face are authentic and safe. Cheryl's provides the best kind of Salon Services at Home regarding professional skincare and massage. 
Sunscreen is one of the essential skincare products which nourish your skin and keep your skincare routine stable and fresh. It not only keeps you protected from harmful sun rays but also moistures your skin and clears dark spots. Nowadays, multiple types of sunscreens are now available for different skin types in the market. You must choose the right sunscreen according to your skin type. Because the wrong choice can damage your skin and therefore, and you will be disappointed by the results. Here are some ways for you to select a clean and safe sunscreen.

Read The Label Before Choosing

You must read all the instructions and additional information when choosing a sunscreen. Other than recognizing your favorite brand, you must be aware of all the ingredients inside the sunscreen, the SPF type, and the instructions to apply. You don't know all the ingredients, so make sure you have researched these and then choose the sunscreen accordingly. Also, check the manufacturing and expiry date before buying sunscreen.

Check The Water Resistance

It is preferable if you choose a water-resistant sunscreen when going to the beach. But not only on the beach, wherever you are going, using a water-resistant sunscreen is the right choice. When people apply sunscreen on their skin, they get sweat which is because of the sunscreen. Applying a water-resistant sunscreen will protect you from sweating and keep your skin hydrated. 

Check If There Is Vitamin D

We all know how vitamin D is important to our health. We are told to sit in the sun to gain vitamin D. It is also crucial to our skin and sunscreen having vitamin D gives multiple benefits. Not even sunscreen, all the skincare products having vitamin D is beneficial for our skin. 

Choose Between SPF 30 and 50

Selecting the sunscreen between SPF 30 and 50 is effective. Using a sunscreen more than SPF 50 filters out UVB rays, but most of them do not filter out UVA rays. If you still think this is not giving you a sunburn, your skin will be still damaged even when u re-apply the sunscreen more than SPF 50. However, this range fully protects you from sun rays and keeps your skin fresh. 

Know About UVA and UVB Rays and Choose Accordingly

You must know some basics when choosing the right and safe sunscreen. UVA rays are Ultraviolet Rays A and UVB are Ultraviolet Rays B. One main difference between both of these rays is that the UVA rays give you sunburn and the UVB rays penetrate through your skin and cause skin damage. UVA rays affect your skin badly by burning it as it gets deeper into your skin. It even causes skin burns to you when you don't feel like having it. For this, you should choose the sunscreen saying "broad spectrum" on the label. This kind of sunscreen will have a balanced SPF and will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. 

Switch To The Organic Sunscreen

Organic products are always beneficial for your skin. These products have instant effects and give amazing results to your skin. The same is the case with sunscreen. Organic sunscreen will have more effective results than inorganic sunscreen. It will never give you allergic reactions and will also deal with the sensitivity of your skin. 
If you are skin conscious and want to get rid of the complications related to your skin, then you can get professional help from Cheryl's for all kinds of skin cleansing, facial, waxing, and all face nourishing treatments. Also, we do a sample check by applying a small amount of the product to your skin. This way, we will know what kind of product is suitable for you. You can do the same with sunscreen. Apply the patch test on your hands and then wait for some time. If you find your skin itchy or having burning or irritation, then quickly remove the cream from your skin. Doing this will help you choose the right kind of sunscreen according to your skin type. 

How Often Should You Apply Sunscreen?

Sunscreen should be applied daily to your skin. It is recommended to apply sunscreen 2 to 3 times a day. Even if you are not going to have sun exposure, still you must apply sunscreen as it gives unlimited benefits to your skin by keeping your skin smooth and fresh. Apply a small amount of sunscreen on your skin as immense use of it can make your skin oily. Always apply sunscreen in your skincare routine as it protects your skin from sun damage after you are done with your skincare. 
Sunscreen also protects you from tanning. Therefore, apply to the parts that are directly in contact with the sun. You often forget about applying the cream to your face and not your neck, hands, and feet. Well, you don't want other parts of your body tanned. You can get professional recommendations here from Cheryl's regarding skincare and choosing the right products as well. We have professional dermatologists who give multiple skincare pieces of advice to our customers. You can get one too.  
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