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A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Wax Your Face At Home

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Wax Your Face At Home

Waxing is always a better option for skin as it has multiple benefits more than other things for hair removal. You feel fresh and smooth skin but it is only possible if you use the wax with instructions. Waxing your face is the hardest task as you need full concentration and care while waxing. You need to know your skin type as well as the length of your facial hair and then figure out whether you want to wax your face or not. You can get guidance and a proper recommendation from Cheryl's regarding face wax. Besides that, we provide Salon Services at Home for face wax to provide you with a better experience with our staff. 

Choosing Wax For Your Face

Waxing on the face depends upon the type of wax you are applying. There are multiple options of wax for you to decide on according to your face type. People usually go for the wax which is normally applied to the face with a strip. Other options may be hard wax and wax strips. Hard wax is considered a better one for the face as compared to the others. It is also heated and applied to the face. The only difference is that it does not require any strip for hair removal. 
Moreover, you can go for the sugar wax that you can prepare at your home easily by heating water, sugar, and lemon together and then applying the jelly-like wax directly on the face. Here at Cheryl's, we will provide you with multiple options and you can choose according to your face type or facial hair length. Our professional beauticians will also help you in choosing the right kind of wax according to your facial hair type.

Preparing Your Face For Wax

You must know the instructions when you are going to wax your face. Your facial hair length must be a quarter-inch to let the wax remove them. Other than that, the face is the most sensitive part of the body, hence, you must know the right temperature for the wax. Too hot wax will burn your face. First of all, heat your wax in a microwave according to the instructions. Keep heating until it attains honey-like consistency. If you get the oil-like consistency, then wait for it to become a bit hard. 
After that, you must know what things you need for waxing, for instance, before wax cleanser, strips, a wooden applicator, and after wax lotion or oil. Before applying wax to your face, thoroughly wash your face to clean any makeup or dirt. Then apply a before wax cleanser and make your face ready for waxing. After that, you must apply talcum powder to the parts where you want your hair removed. Our professional beauticians at Cheryl's are trained and well aware of heating the wax. You can get numerous information about waxing your face at home.

How To Remove Hair With Wax?

After heating your wax, look for the hair on the parts you want to remove. You will need a thorough concentration, so wax your face in sections. After that, apply it to your face or the part from where you want your hair to be removed with an applicator. A popsicle will help in applying the wax too. Make sure you make an angle of 45 degrees while applying the wax. Then put the strip over the wax and pull it to remove the hair. There you go! Easy and nice. You can continue removing hair from wherever you want on the face. Make sure you complete your task till your wax gets hard. 
After that, apply facial oil or lotion to remove the small particles from your face. You will surely get the redness on your skin, but no worries it will be gone soon. Cheryl's can provide you with the same services if you choose face waxing. Our beauticians will make sure you get satisfying results and will pamper your skin after facial waxing. 

Things To Take Care About Wax On Face

Waxing your face properly is essential in making your skin glow. While your wax is on your own, there are certain things that you do mistakenly and damage your skin after the wax. Here are some things which you should take care of while waxing your face.
  • Do not apply the wax to the same area of the face again and again. As this is the most sensitive part, you can burn your skin or might get irritation. Therefore, only one time is preferable. 
  • Pull the wax from your face after a certain time. Avoid keeping it for a long time as well, and read the instructions carefully before applying. 
  • Waxing shorter hair might not remove them. Therefore, wait for the hair growth to become a quarter inch which will help in removing. 
  • Avoid waxing your face on the day of a special event. You might not want people to look at your red face. Therefore, get done with the waxing 2 or 3 days before an event. 
Your skin gets extra sensitive after waxing. However, stay at home after waxing and keep your skin moist with the skincare products.
Cheryl's also provides recommendations and guidance regarding face wax, as well as, has the best staff for providing the best results of waxing.  
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