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Best Tricks to Get Hair Dye Off Your Skin

Best Tricks to Get Hair Dye Off Your Skin


Dying your hair gets really messy sometimes if you do not use the right kind of tools that are needed. There are different kinds of hair dyes and it is important to keep up with the formulas and the color because some colors have more stains than the rest. Dying your hair at home is also difficult which is why it is better and more beneficial to have hair treatment at homeThis will make things better and you will not have to worry about stains either. However, if you have already taken the step of dying your hair at home, then here are a few solutions that you can use to remove the hair dye from your skin. 


Soap and Water 


This is one of the basic ways in which you can get the dye off your skin. You can easily use warm soap and water which will remove it. However, you should always try to remove the dye as quickly as possible. When you get to know that there is a dye, try wiping it off before it becomes dry. This will help more in removing it. However, whenever it dries out, you can use soap and warm water to remove it. 


Use Olive Oil 


This is a better option for those who have sensitive skin. Olive oil is mainly used as a natural cleanser and it may help you in getting rid of the dye on your skin. You should use a bit of olive oil and place it wherever the stain is of the dye. You should then rub it in with either your fingers or, you can use a cotton swab too. After applying it, you should rub it in for 2 to 3 minutes and then leave it on your skin for 8 hours. You can cover that area with a plastic bag and then go to sleep. You can then wash it off with water. 


Use Rubbing Alcohol


This is not the best option to use because it can be harsh on the skin. Hence, if you have sensitive or dry skin, you would want to skip this option. However, if you want to still try it for normal skin, you should use a cotton pad or cotton ball and pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol there. You should then just dab the cotton pad or ball onto the area where the dye is. After it comes off, you should wash it off by using warm water and soap as well. 


Use Toothpaste 


Toothpaste is mainly used to help clean your teeth but, it can also help in removing the stains of dye from your skin. You can use a non-gel toothpaste and apply it in a cotton swab or your finger and then massage it over the dye. You should leave the toothpaste on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water using a towel. 


Use Nail Polish Remover 


Nail polish remover is safe to use for the hands but not for your face or neck. Hence, if you have dye on your hands, then you can use nail polish remover. You should apply a small amount of nail polish remover with a cotton ball and rub it over the dye stain for a few seconds. You should not use too much nail polish remover and have it on your skin for longer periods as it can cause damage. After the dye is gone, you should wash your hands with warm water and soap to remove the nail polish remover. However, in the end, you can always just opt for salon services at home to get your hair done in the right way and also to save yourself from getting dye on your skin. 


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