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Brittle Nails- Causes And How To Care For Them

Brittle Nails- Causes And How To Care For Them


Brittle nails might be a sign of some serious health condition. Get to know about the reasons why you might face brittle nails and how to take care of them by reading this article. 

What Are The Causes Of Brittle Nails?


There are multiple different reasons why you might have to face brittle nails. Having nails that are brittle do mean that you are deficient in some nutrients in your body. It can also happen due to aging. It is important to look at the causes first to get to know how you can make the brittleness of your nails go away. One of the best care for brittle nails is Mani cure pedi cure at homeDoing all other kinds of things can only make it worse. Therefore, you should always ensure the reasons before getting on with the solutions so that they can be effective.As much as everyone loves to take care of their body, you should also take care of your nails by opting for Salon services at home. 

Having Too Much Moisture 


Getting your nails wet most of the time can cause them to be brittle. It is a common fact that when your nails get wet, the smell, and when they dry they can shrink as well. Therefore, it is best that you stay away from wetting your hands a lot. If you have to wash the dishes countless times then it is ideal that you wear gloves. 

Low Red Blood Cells


One of the major reasons why people have brittle nails is because of anemia. Anemia is have lower red blood cell count and it is not good for the entire body. This reduces iron which is the most essential thing for nails. Hence, you should focus on eating foods that make more blood and have higher iron intake. The nails become brittle and also curve inward like a spoon if the cause is anemia. 

Low On Nutrients 


When the body is low in vitamins, minerals, and other important sources you will see your nails become brittle and also the thinning of hair. These are signs that you need to eat more healthy elements that will make your nails stronger and also have the white color that is normal. Hence, ensure you are having the right amount of calcium in your body so that your nails are not brittle. 

How To Take Of Brittle Nails 


By going for a manicure and pedicure, you will be able to give your nails the right kind of care it needs. Hence, it will help benefit you as you will not need to do much. There are different kinds of oils as well that you can add to your nails and nail bed. You can apply the nail oil and then wear gloves if you want to do any other activity. 


Another way how you can take care of your nails is by not adding fake nails often. Having fake nails will make your natural real nails become weaker and can easily destroy them. Therefore, ensure that you do not add fake nails. Even if you do, remove them using the right methods without the use of chemicals. You should have nail care afterward as well. 


The best way to take care of your nails is by eating properly. Having weak nails or having a white line on them indicates that the nutrient count in your body is low. Hence, ensure you are having iron, protein, and vitamins as well. All of these things will make your nail stronger naturally, make them glow and it is also beneficial for the rest of your body. 


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