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How Much Face & Neck Bleach Is Too Much And Much More!

How Much Face & Neck Bleach Is Too Much And Much More!


Every woman loves to have pleasant beauty and skincare routines. Ranging from trying a new face mask to applying the bob lipstick and taking the steam bath, there are so many pleasing things. Well, too bad that you cannot say the same for hair removal. That being said, if you want to remove hair from your body or face, it’s pretty obvious that there is no way of avoiding the pain. 

There are various factors involved in hair removal, such as razor bumps, ingrown hair, razor burns, nicks, bruising, and other side effects; very unholy. However, there is one hair removal hack that hardly ever gets your attention; yes, we are talking about bleaching. It’s pretty obvious that bleaching doesn’t remove hair but it can make the hair invisible. 

That being said, it will eliminate the need for waxing, shaving, epilating, and other hair removal methods. It’s needless to say that bleaching is the quick, painless, cheap, and convenient way of making the hair invisible and is suitable for different skin types (yes, it’s suitable for sensitive skin as well). With this article, we are sharing more about bleaching for the neck and face, so are you ready to find out?

How Does Bleaching Work?

To begin with, bleaching tends to break down the hair pigment or melanin which results in permanent lightening of the hair. There are various active ingredients in bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide that are widely used for lightening the body and facial hair. In addition, it can be used for lightening the head hair. It’s needless to say that it’s the same product you use for getting summery and golden highlights. 

That being said, you can use bleach for bleaching hair on the upper lip area and face. When it comes down to facial treatment, keep in mind that the hydrogen peroxide (bleach) must be used in a lesser quantity. 

The Pros Of Using Bleach 

First of all, the bleach is extremely easy to use since it has a DIY design. Simple usage is the first reason why people prefer hair bleaching. Similarly, the entire process of bleaching is pretty quick since mixing the bleach and removing it will take only around fifteen minutes. On top of everything, you can bleach your face or neck at home and there is no need for spa appointments or salon trips. 

The best thing about bleach is that if bleach doesn’t cause adverse impacts on your skin, it’s safe to use it on the weekly basis. According to the experts, ladies tend to bleach the face and neck after every two or four weeks. Also, there won’t be any scarring since it doesn’t cause any side effects like you can get after lasers and shaving. Not to forget, using bleach is pretty cost-effective. 

The Cons Of Using Bleach 

If you want hair removal from the roots, bleaching won’t suffice you because it doesn’t remove hair. That’s to say because bleaching only reduces the appearance and look of the hair. Also, keep in mind that if you are under bright light, the bleached hair might be visible. Secondly, bleaching is not suitable for women who have dark skin because it makes everything excessively noticeable. 

You must keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide can result in adverse impacts on dark complexions. Some women with dark skin have witnessed skin lightening but it’s generally temporary. As far as the hair is concerned, bleaching is not suitable or effective for thick and long hair. This is because bleach is better for fine hair, such as hair on arms and upper lip. Lastly, the results are always temporary. 

Is Bleaching Safe?

Here comes the million-dollar question! For the most part, bleaching is relatively safe as compared to intense hair removal treatments, such as lasering. However, you must be aware of the bleaching’s side effects which include hives, blisters, redness, swelling, itching, redness, burning, and bumps. Still, these side effects are pretty rare. 

This is because if you follow the instructions, the chances of such side effects will be less. The most intriguing fact is that if the hair doesn’t lighten in the said timeframe, never leave it on for too long. This is because excessive usage of bleaching can cause blistering and burning. We suggest that you apply bleach to a small part of the skin and wait for 72 hours to ensure you aren’t allergic to bleach.

Does Bleaching Hurt?

We all have gone through painful laser treatments and waxing but there are no such issues with bleaching. This is because if you have healthy and normal skin, bleaching will be completely painless. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might feel the tingling sensations. Keep in mind that if the skin witnesses the burning sensation, it’s a red flag. In simpler words, if bleaching feels uncomfortable, just wash it off and apply ice to soothe the skin.

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