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How To Choose The Mehndi Artist?

How To Choose The Mehndi Artist?


For a long time, mehndi has become an important part of every momentous occasion when we talk about the eastern countries (mehndi is a must at weddings, by the way). In addition to being the irreplaceable part of the traditional activities, there are tinted mehndi cones that can be used to make customized mehndi designs. 

When we talk about the mehndi designs, there are thousands of designs to choose from; some ladies even take mehndi design inspiration from Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma. Truth be told, women always have the choice to choose the design that resonates with them (and the occasion, obviously). However, all of the mehndi shenanigans depend on the mehndi artist. 

Well, after all, a mehndi artist is the one who is going to apply customized mehndi designs on you. With this article, we are sharing different factors that you must consider while choosing the mehndi artist!

Always Book In Advance

Whenever there is an important function, it’s safe to say that you will be booking the makeup artists months before to ensure you get the slot. Well, you should do the same for mehndi artists because if you wait, it can bring you to a tough spot where you won’t get the mehndi expert. You must line up the prerequisite choices around three months before the events. Then, before two to three weeks, call for confirmation. 

Social Media & On-Ground Research 

Yes, we all have the dream boards on Pinterest and we all tend to stalk the top mehndi artists on social media platforms. We are all guilty of stalking the previous mehndi work of famous artists. So, if you find a profile that entices you, you must call them and conduct in-depth research. In addition, you must conduct traditional and on-ground research because it has become the fail-proof way of hiring the high-end mehndi artist who doesn’t have a social media presence. In addition, you can talk to the former brides in your social circle or family to ensure you bag the right one.

Check The Design Portfolio 

Now that you have checked with the family and friends, and found out the top four or five mehndi artists, you must schedule the one-on-one sessions with them because the personal meetings play an essential role in determining the best mehndi artist out there. In addition, every mehndi artist is highly likely to have the mehndi design portfolio which portrays their best yet recent work. That being said, having access to their design portfolio will provide an in-depth understanding of their finesse and style. 

Don’t Forget About The Forte 

When it comes down to choosing the mehndi artist, you have to pay attention to the forte of the artists. Keep in mind that every mehndi artist has their signature style but they always have the capacity to dabble with different mehndi designs. So, it is suggested that you look for the different design styles of mehndi artists (you can see if they provide traditional designs or a mixture with modern design). Moreover, don’t forget to communicate the design needs with the mehndi artist. 

Show The References 

Whenever you are researching different mehndi designs, we suggest that you save every preferred design. It doesn’t matter if you want a delicate design or an expanded Arabic design, always take a picture and show it to the mehndi artist. This is because the majority of mehndi artists will be ready to draw the mehndi designs according to your preference. Not to forget, the visual references will show that you and your mehndi artist are on the same page. However, you must let them be creative as well because you never what a wonder it can create!

The Ingredients 

This is one of the most important consideration because some mehndi cones are infused with chemicals which can harm the hands and cause allergies. The ideal scenario is choosing the mehndi artist who makes the mehndi cones themselves. Still, do have a meeting about the ingredients used in the mehndi. We suggest that you only choose the mehndi cones made from natural and organic ingredients because synthetic ingredients aren’t safe to use. 

Application Time 

When we are talking about the bridal mehndi, it can take around six to eight hours for application. So, once you’ve finalized the mehndi design, don’t forget to ask your mehndi design about the application time or how long it will take to complete the mehndi design. This is because it helps plan the event and make a schedule.


Money always matters, and it should matter while choosing the mehndi artist as well. Finalizing the budget with the mehndi artist will ensure that there are no unexpected monetary surprises. Also, you must ask the budget of every mehndi artist because some people charge on a per-hour basis while some of them charge according to the design, so do consider the budget!

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