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How to Do a Facial at Home: Step-by-Step DIY Facial

How to Do a Facial at Home: Step-by-Step DIY Facial


Treating yourself is mandatory no matter what. It is one of the smallest but most wholesome and luxurious of life. There are tons of different ways how a person can treat themselves but opting for a facial at home is the best. Nothing can cross over giving yourself a relaxing time where you are taking care of your skin and health. After a year of lockdown, numerous people have made their kind of facial and had a strict routine as well. The best part about this is that there are different ways how you can do a facial at home with ease. Hence, if you are looking for the best way to do a facial at home, then keep reading. 

There are different steps to follow when it comes to creating your facial. Hence, the first one is:




This is a crucial stage and you cannot skip it. The main reason why people do not skip this step and perform it is to remove all of the makeup they have on. Otherwise, it is performed to remove all of the dirt from the face so that your face is clean and moist before going to the other steps. You can cleanse your face using lotion or oil first and then you should cleanse again with a light foam gel or exfoliating cleanser. This will help to remove the things which are left over. 


You should do this while you massage the lotion or the oil on your dry skin using your fingertips. Make sure that you massage it all over your face. After you have done this, you can always massage it the second time as well to get all of the makeup off. You should then use low-foaming gel which different nourishing components. This is so that your skin does not dry out during this phase. You should always choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. Hence, for oily skin, you should choose a cleanser that helps remove excess oil. 




Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin. Hence, the surface of our skin has dead skin cells which creates a better pure surface to work on. This also helps when it comes to applying the products on the face because the absorption rate is higher and quicker as well. There are different kinds of exfoliators that you can use. You will get to know more about the right kind of products when you opt for salon services at homeHence, the different kinds of exfoliations are physical exfoliators such as scrubs and microdermabrasion tools. The second kind of exfoliator helps to dissolve dead skin cells such as acids. 


No matter which one you use, you need to scrub it on for 10 minutes so that the dead skin cells are removed. 




Now that you have exfoliated your skin, you can steam your face. There are multiple benefits of giving steam to your face. It makes your skin temperature increase which opens up the pores of the skin. This makes it easier to get rid of them. Another benefit is that the steam increases the blood flow to the skin and this hydrates it. Hence, it brings a lot of moisture to the skin. 




To extract your blackheads, it is important to follow the directions given below:


  • If you are using an extractor tool, you should go with the instructions given in the manual. 

  • If using your fingers, wash them properly and then wrap your fingers in tissue or toilet paper.

  • Place your fingers and squeeze ones. You can change the position of your fingers and you should so there is no inflammation. 

  • If nothing comes out you should move on.

  • Dab with acne treatment. 




There are tons of different masks that we get to see in the market now. All of them come with various benefits according to skin tone. Hence, the last and final step is to add a mask to any of your choices. Some of the different kinds of masks are listed below:


  • Gel masks: gel masks are mainly cooling and calming to the skin. It is used for all skin types and works best for those who have redness. 

  • Clay masks: these are best for skins that are oily and have clogged pores as well. As they dry, they help to get rid of the different impurities from the skin as well. 

  • Cream masks: cream masks come with heavy consistency. They are best used for drier skin because they are more in need of nourishment. 

  • Sheet masks: these masks are typically gel and they have more water for increased hydration. This mask is also great for dry skin which needs moisture and hydration. 


You should leave the mask for 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off. Lastly, you should add serums to your face to keep the moisture in and make your skin illuminate. 


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