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How To Do Pedicure At Home With Natural Ingredients

How To Do Pedicure At Home With Natural Ingredients


Going to the spa sometimes can be a major no because of some obvious reasons. If you are going to be having a relaxing day then it should at least be in the comfort of your home. Therefore, most people would like to opt for a pedicure at home. There are some other reasons behind it as well apart from just being comfortable, it is of social factors. No matter what the reason behind it is, you will always have an option of salon services at homeThis will be one of the best things to choose from because you will not even have to do it yourself. Hence, if you are looking for the best kind of treatment to get done within the premises of your home, it will always be a pedicure. 


However, sometimes it is easier to do it yourself as well and if you are looking for some different ways how you can have a pedicure at home, then you should keep on reading. There are some special ingredients that will make your feet brand new again. We walk on them all day long and we need to take time out to take care of them and ensure that they are beautiful as the rest of our bodies. Not many people take care of their feet which is not the right thing to do. Moreover, all of the ingredients that you will need will be available within your home setting because these are the normal things that you would use. 


The Steps to Carry Out a Pedicure At Home 


There are plenty of different ways how you can easily do a mani cure pedi cure at homeSome of the steps you will need to follow so that you can get the best kind of results. Hence, the steps include:


1.Remove away all of the nail polish that you have on if you do. You can simply do this with a normal ordinary nail polish remover. After removing the nail polish, you will want to soften your toenails using a cuticle softener. If you do not have this then you can simply use olive oil by making it warm. 


2.You will need to soak your feet in a tub which will be filled with warm water. You can also add salt and then massage your feet which will make your muscles relax.


3.You can add shower gel or shampoo so that it will get rid of all of the dirt from your feet. You should also add some drops of essential pol so that it will make your feet softer and also brighten up the aroma. The essential oil can be rose oil or tea tree oil. These are the best things to use because it helps to get rid of injection and fungus. 


4.To remove the dead skin, you can add raw milk because the enzymes and lactic acid will help remove the layer of dead skin. 


5.Soak your feet in for 15 minutes and then rub away the dead skin using a foot file, clean off your foot, and apply a foot fruit peel mask. 

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