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Have Bumpy And Cracked Heels? How To Treat Them At Home? Make Them Runway Smooth by Home Remedies

Have Bumpy And Cracked Heels? How To Treat Them At Home? Make Them Runway Smooth by Home Remedies

Heel fissures, or cracked heels occur when the outer layer of your heels become hard and dry. You people may also notice that the dry skin becomes more flakey and shred off. All this dry skin that is not moisturized over the period of time become cracks.

Causes of Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are mostly caused because of dryness. For most of the people this dryness is very general. But, for quite a lot people these cracked heels cause extreme pain and bleeding from the cracked heels. The pain that is caused because of the cracked heels usually goes away when u put off weight from the feet.
Initially these cracks are not very deep and very superficial and small, just over the surface but over time they get bigger and deeper.
Anyone can get cracked heels but people who are overweight, people having eczema, thyroid problem, vitamin, nutrient deficient are also prone to cracked heels. Standing on the hard surfaces for longer time is also a major cause of cracked heels.

How to Prevent Cracked Heels

As most common cause of the cracked heels is dry skin, we have to take care of this dryness with pedicure. We should apply foot cream daily after shower when skin is soft and more absorbent.
Mani cure pedi cure at home is easy now as number of creams are there to help.  You can do it on your cracked heels at least once a week with a pumice stone. Doing this will helps remove the dry, flaky skin of your heels? Using pumice stone helps to fill your heels and remove calluses and dry flaky skin from your heels that makes them soft and help them absorb more moisture. This is how you can keep your heels hydrated. It’s best to be seated on a chair and file your heels to make them smooth.
The shoes we wear also make a great difference on the cracked heels. Shoes open from the back, sandals and flip-flops make cracked heels worst. We should wear shock absorbent shoes and definitely wear a socks after applying moisture.

Treating Cracked Heels

Don’t ignore cracked heels. For a lot of the people, they don’t cause any serious problems, but they can become complication for any of them. The heels those are cracked to the point that they pain or bleed can have infection in them. These infections can become worst if you have diabetes or a weak immune system.

Home Treatment

The best thing is that you can treat cracked heels at home. If you’ve got cracked heels, moisturize your feet at least twice a day not just only once. Plus, you can call experts that offer salon services at home. On the other hand it is best to wear socks are moisturizing cracked heels.

Use Thick Moisturizer

The easiest way to pamper your feet or heels, is by applying a foot cream or a moisturizer. It keeps the cracked heels hydrated, nourished and locks in the moisture. It can protect your feet from flaky skin, cracks and calluses. Massaging your feet with a moisturizers also increases blood circulation, and keeps your feet soft and flexible. The best home remedy for dry cracked heels is a homemade foot cream.

Shea Butter Cream

 Melt shea butter and coconut oil in a small pan. Add lavender essential oil just when the butter melts. Cool this mixture and massage your heels with this cream every night. Wear your socks after massage to lock the moisture.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Use petroleum jelly overnight to keep your feet hydrated for a longer period of time. Using petroleum jelly after shower is also recommended.

Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is highly recommended for cracked heels. It helps in retaining the moisture and its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties treats cracked heels even if they’re prone to bleeding and infections.

Applying Honey

Honey also has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties that helps in healing the cracked feet. It is also a natural thing that helps restore and lock in the moisture, preventing the skin from drying and causing cracked heels. The calming and anti-inflammatory properties also kills any kind of fungus and bacteria. You can add honey in your bath or in your lotion, massage your soaked feet for 20 minutes. Dry your feet and apply moisturizer to enjoy your smooth soft heels.
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