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Is facial Good For The Skin? How To Do Facial, 7 Simple And Easy Steps

Is facial Good For The Skin? How To Do Facial, 7 Simple And Easy Steps


No woman can ever say no to a good hour of facial or a spa treatment that involves a variety of processes designed to help moisturize, cleanse, relax and hydrate their face. The facial makes the skin glow and relieves stress and some are specialized for acne-prone skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin. Estheticians perform professional facials to remove impurities at spas, but a growing number of people perform their DIY facial at home.

That feeling of getting pampered at a salon and coming back home with flushed, moisturized, and soft skin is unbeatable. However, there are many Estheticians who provide salon services at home so you can easily get a good facial massage at home from a professional.

On the other hand, you can also give yourself a facial massage at home easily if you know the right technique. However, it is no secret, you can easily get a salon-like facial at home by following these 7 simple and easy steps. Thus, without further ado, scroll down and check out the easy steps.

1.Cleanse your face well

First and foremost, start by removing any makeup with cleansing oil or lotion. However, it is very important to cleanse your face thoroughly. You have to clean your skin surface gently by using any facial oil like olive oil or coconut oil which will help get rid of ounces of dirt and give you a clean slate to work on. Lastly, you can use a light foaming cleanser or the appropriate facial cleanser for your skin type and wash it off with lukewarm water. This step is very effective in removing any sebum, excess oil, and build-up that could prevent the rest of the facial from best affecting your skin.

2. Exfoliate your Skin Gently

The second step is exfoliation which help removes dead skin cells and helps even out skin tone, making it an essential step in any proper facial. You can use a chemical or enzyme exfoliator and leave it on for the recommended time listed on the bottle. Exfoliating skin with a mild scrub helps remove dead skin cells, making it brighter and polishing the skin but face scrubs can cause stretching on the face. Therefore, take a pea-sized amount of scrub and rub it gently onto the neck and face in a circular motion.

You can use a smoothing oatmeal scrub & mask if you are blessed with oily skin. And if you have dry skin you can use coffee & coconut scrub. You can use lukewarm water to splash the scrub off your skin. A scrub is used to deep cleanse and get all the blackheads & impurities out of the skin.

3.Massage your Face

Facial massage is an essential step as no facial is complete without it. However, it is the most fun part of the facial treatment. Because it increases blood circulation and improves muscle tones which keeps the skin firm and bright. You can easily do this step by applying & massage a small amount of face massage cream on your face.

4.Take Steam

Steam makes skin absorbent for the products to follow and helps the pores to open. However, heat makes the skin moist and relaxed. You can boil water in a pot and take it off the stove to take steam for 5-10 minutes.

5.Apply a Mask

Your skin needs something moisturizing and nourishing after steaming process. However, face masks are the best option after the steaming process. And this is because they get all the impurities out and give their radiance back. There is a vast variety of face masks available in the market so you can easily pick one.

6.Toning Treatment

Skin toner helps balance and equalize the skin's pH back to its natural state. Moreover, you can easily apply skin toner with a cotton pad, spritzer, and a cotton ball.

7.Skin Moisturizing

You can end the facial with a good moisturizer that replenishes the oils of your skin. However, it will help the moisturizer sink into your skin and improve circulation.

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