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Is Full Body Massage Therapy Beneficial?

Is Full Body Massage Therapy Beneficial?


Is Full Body Massage Therapy Beneficial?


In our daily lives, we undergo too much stress and it creates a chaotic condition. Ranging from knotted nerves to fatigue, there are excessive side effects of stress but full-body massage therapy is the best choice to relieve the stress. Imagine getting the full-body massage in low lighting and soft music, you will feel such a feeling of bliss and tranquility.

However, the majority of people don’t know that even if you are relaxing during the massage, the body will be in complete activation mode. The full-body massage is meant to relax you by stimulating the nervous system and wakes up the entire body. In addition, it moves the lymph fluids and blood which results in better cell production.

Not to forget, full-body massage therapy helps release happy hormones and chemicals. That being said, it’s pretty evident that your body deserves a massage for rejuvenating itself and reverse the side effects of stress. With this article, we are sharing information about the benefits of full-body massage therapy. So, are you ready to find out?

Refreshed Skin


Everyone loves to have fresh and glowing skin but did you know that full-body massage therapy is an apt way of getting the refreshed skin? This is because massage therapy will create mild friction when they use oil and lotion. It can create gentle exfoliation which results in the emergence of new skin cells, hence refreshed skin.

Relaxed Nervous System


When you start kicking back and relax, the nervous system is likely to enter the resting and digesting mode. That being said, if you have tensions and pain in some areas of your body, they are primarily because the nerves are pressurized due to tight muscles. That being said, massage will be able to relieve the nerves and untie the knots.

When the nervous system is relaxed, it means that the hormone production will balance out the pains and tensions. With full-body massage therapy, the development of LDL is reduced and the happy hormones are released. As a result, the sleep/wake cycle will be improved and your menstrual cycles will be regulated.

In addition, regular full-body massage therapy will generate immune cells, hence better immunity, and the blood sugar levels will be optimized. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every function of your body will work better after getting regular massages.

Better Musculoskeletal Health


The muscles are known to be sponges and are squeezed out when they are contracted. However, when they relax, the fresh blood will enter the body and nerves which brings in new immune cells, oxygen, and nutrition. That being said if the full-body massage includes motion movements and stretching which helps mobilize the joints. In addition, it reduces tension on tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Detoxification For Lymphatic System


When it comes down to the lymphatic system, it is important for balancing the immune system function and fluids. There are lymphatic vessels parallel with the blood vessels throughout the body; this system is available in the groin, neck, and armpits. So, when you get the massage, the blood will flush through the tissues and muscles, and the lymph nodes will filter out the dead cells.

In addition to the dead cells, it will also remove pathogens and waste products. Keep in mind that it helps keep you refreshed by improving the fluid flowing through the lymph system.

Better Blood Supply In Bones


For people who didn’t know, bones do have the blood supply and are improved with the massages. This is because the full-body massage therapy will result in improved blood flow that brings in calcium and related minerals to the bones. As a result, the functionality and strength of the bones will be improved and the skeletal system will be boosted.

Heart Health


The most important benefit of full-body massage therapy is that it can improve heart health. It results in vasodilation which improves the oxygen delivery to different organs and improves blood flow. The entire cardiovascular system will be relaxed and the circulation will be improved. That being said, the heart rate and blood pressure will be regulated.

Improved Digestion


The majority of people don’t admit it but stress can adversely impact the digestive system while full-body massage therapy promises healthy impacts on the body. In particular, massage therapy can improve the parasympathetic system which optimizes digestion and produces in-demand chemicals. In addition, peristalsis stimulation transits food through the intestines.



When you first go for a massage, the massage therapist will ask you to take a deep breath when they start off with the massage. This is because it improves stress reduction and a deep breath will actually provide relief. The full-body massage therapy also massages the neck and ribs which improves breathing and doesn’t cause restrictions in breathing (great for people with asthma!).

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