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Is Honey & Sugar Waxing Safe?

Is Honey & Sugar Waxing Safe?


For women who are fond of DIY skincare, we are certain that they love donning the beaten-up egg yolk in their hair and mashed avocado in the face. It’s safe to say that these DIY skincare recipes are a routine for women. However, it’s hard to keep the body and skin hairless because who likes to pull out hair after every two weeks?

For the most part, women leave micro-needling to the pros but you can always do sugaring at home. However, the sugaring must be done correctly and properly to ensure it takes a permanent place in your DIY routine. However, it’s important to consider the safety of honey and sugar waxes. To begin with, using this wax is known as sugaring. 

Sugaring has become the primary method of hair removal (even Cleopatra used sugaring for hair removal purposes and for all other reasons. To begin with, the ingredients in honey and sugar wax are all-natural which makes them suitable for women with sensitive skin. In addition, sugaring has the capacity to pull out body hair from the root and it’s pretty much painless (or less painful!). 

The honey and sugar wax is equally fine for women with fine hair as well as thick and coarse hair. This is because the honey and sugar wax delivers promising results and is extremely easy to use. That being said, it’s pretty evident that the wax is safe to use. With this article, we are sharing more about honey and sugar wax that you need to know!

Are There Any Side Effects?

When it comes down to using honey and sugar wax, everyone is concerned about safety. To begin with, it’s safe for the majority of skin types if you are following the right techniques and instructions and make sure that you don’t overheat the wax. The honey and sugar wax is perfect for removing hair on the chest, back, and legs. 

On the other hand, this wax is not suitable for bikini lines and underarms because the hair isn’t only coarse but the skin is sensitive in those areas as well. In addition, using honey and sugar wax for eyebrows can be challenging if you are a beginner. As far as the upper lip is concerned, you must test it first because the skin is sensitive. 

At this point, we would like to add that you should only consult a professional for waxing. It is more important for people who have sensitive skin or struggle with skin allergies or bad reactions. 

The After Care Of Honey & Sugar Wax 

When it comes down to honey and sugar wax, you must clean the waxed area with warm water and make sure that you use a cloth for removing the residual wax or sugar from the skin. You can also apply the natural moisturizer and make sure that you don’t over-exfoliate your skin. In addition, you must not use the sauna or hot water for a few days to ensure the skin is properly healed from hair removal. 

After you have waxed the body with honey and sugar wax, you must wait for at least twenty-four hours before taking the hot shower and don’t go running (keep away from the repetitive motion activities basically). You must not use soothing serums and ointments. However, after forty-eight hours, you can start exfoliating the skin. So, get ready for smooth and soft skin!

Health Aspects Of Honey & Sugar Wax 

In the majority of cases, honey and sugar wax are made from white granulated sugar, and honey is added to create the wax. According to the research, there are various health and dermatological benefits of using honey in wax. First of all, it has antibacterial activities that keep the allergies at home. In addition, it can heal wounds. 

Not to forget, the wax is perfect for women who have different skin disorders, such as acne, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea. Moreover, the immunomodulatory properties of honey and sugar wax make it safe to use for nearly every woman out there. 

Is Honey & Sugar Wax Different From Traditional Waxing?

To begin with, there is pretty little clinical research associated with waxing. First of all, sugaring helps treat the skin and has no additives, preservatives, and chemicals (they are added to traditional wax products). Secondly, the honey and sugar wax’s residues can be easily washed away with water and there is no need for post-wax oils and treatments (traditional wax needs these oils). 

Mostly women prefer to take waxing at home services so on top of everything, the honey and sugar wax is applied when it’s in warm form (not hot) which makes it way more comfortable and won’t burn the skin. In addition, honey and sugar wax is applied in the opposite direction against the hair growth and will be removed in the direction from the growth. As a result, using honey and sugar wax is way less painless.

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