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Look Younger by Applying the Right Lipstick

Look Younger by Applying the Right Lipstick


Makeup is done by looking at the color of your skin. There are different shades that would suit different people, according to their complexion. Therefore, it is a must that you know about your complexion and the right shades that go with it so that your whole makeup can look complete and also attractive. Choosing the right lip color can be a struggle because there are plenty of different ones to choose from. Moreover, the shade range of lipsticks is also infinite which makes it harder to choose and apply. However, there are some shades that will make you look younger and more youthful. 


The lip color is what will tie your whole look together and it will make you look beautiful. The wrong lip color will make your entire makeup look different and it can also cause an unpleasing look. Beauticians are aware of the different matching zones which is why if you are having to attend a mega occasion, getting salon service at home will do magic for you. Hence, if you want to know the best shade of lip color to make you look younger, here are some tips and hacks. 


For Fair Skin Tones 


Fair skin tones have a ton of different options to get bright lip colors. The brighter the lip color will be, the younger you will look. Hence, these colors can be bright peaches and pinks. You can also add orange shades if you would like and feel to go on the edge. There are also some lipsticks that have a neon look and this will be best if you are going to parties or other fun occasions because of their extra brightness. 


For Gold-Neutral Skin Tones 


For those who have a settled tanned look, you should always go for a caramel lip color. This will always compliment your skin and it will also make you look younger. You can also use brown lip colors and tulip shades which will also brighten up your look more. It will give you a different kind of glow so that it can give you a young and beautiful look. These shades will not make it bold because of your skin color. Hence, these colors would suit you perfectly. 


For Dark Skin Tones 


For dark skin tones, you should try to use more neutral skin tones and light ones as well. If you try to use darker shades of red, you will start to look older than your age. Hence, if you have a darker skin tone, then use neutral colors or light brown shades. These will give you a different kind of glow and they will also make you look elegant. 


Matching your Lip Color with Your Makeup 


Makeup is done using all different kinds of products and you will find tons of shades as well. When it comes to choosing the right lip shade, you can also match it with your makeup. This is one of the best ways to choose your lip color if you have gotten makeup service at homeYou will easily be able to gather the right look according to your makeup. You can match the color with the eyeshadow that you have done. You can also choose a lip color that suits the best with overall look. 


Hence, there are multiple ways how you can get the right color for your lip color. You can also custom-make one and add a gradient effect by adding concealer in the middle of your lips and blending it in. Therefore, you should try all of these hacks to get the right shade of lipstick. 

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