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Salon Hygiene-Things To Consider Before Hiring Salon Services At Home

Salon Hygiene-Things To Consider Before Hiring Salon Services At Home

In every kind of business, hygiene is the priority of every industry. If we talk about the salons, it is more important to take care of hygiene. A salon should have a fully hygienic environment as many people visit there on the daily base. The staff of a salon provides so many services like haircut, makeup or spa. Therefore, you should have several areas for these different services at your salon so there is no hygiene problem. It will be more comfortable for the customers and they will be satisfied in utilizing the salon services. Many salons provide the salon services at home so you can utilize these services at home easily. So you can get this service at home and you do not need to go to a salon. There are so many things to keep it in mind for a beautician to take care of hygiene. 

Cleaning The Tools

If we talk about cleaning the tools, it involves removing dirt from the tools. Therefore, you need to remove all the dirt, debris and other substances from your tools like combs, scissors and machines. Furthermore, you would need a sponge with detergent and hot water to clean it. After collecting these things, you need to put your tools in the warm water with some detergent and clean them by using a sponge. 

Sanitize Your Tools

When you are done cleaning the tools, you need to sanitize them. Furthermore, sanitizing your tools mean removing about 99 % of germs and bacteria from your equipment. Therefore, sanitizing the tools is very important to make sure that your tools are completely clean from germs. There are so many types of sanitizers available in the market that you can choose to sanitize your tools. Thus, you can go for an ozone gas treatment, hydrogen peroxide, a high-temperature sterilizer, UV light exposure or a steam treatment to sanitize your tools. 

Disinfect The Tools

It is much essential to disinfect as sanitizing your tools to make sure that your tools are completely clean. In the process of disinfection, it kills many types of germs and bacteria from your tools. Therefore, you should always disinfect your tools before sanitizing them to ensure that they are safe from germs. 

Clean Towels

You should also clean the towels as well, as you clean and sanitize your tools like comb and machines. Therefore, cleaning your towels is very essential as they are used for the customer’s protection from hair. 

Disposable Gloves

You should always have the disposable gloves with you, if you are a beautician. The manufacturers make these disposable gloves especially for the beauticians.  Therefore, the main purpose of making these gloves is to keep the hygiene of customers and staff. 

Wash your Cosmetic Tools

As you clean your other tools, you also need to clean the cosmetic tools before using them. Furthermore, you need sanitize your cosmetic tools after washing them in the hot water. Therefore, you need to put your cosmetic tools in the hot water and clean them with a sponge.
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