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Take Advantage Of Skin Cleanser – Read These 3 Tips

Take Advantage Of Skin Cleanser – Read These 3 Tips


With the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, the skin struggles the most (of course, the brain gets tired too). The pollution and dust often clog the pores which result in extra oily skin, breakouts, pimples, and flaky skin. Truth be told, all these issues can be fixed by skin cleansers because well, they clean the skin. Facial and skin cleansers have become the basis of the skincare routine. 

Before you start with other skincare products like moisturizers, face serums, eye creams, and makeup, you must cleanse your skin since it helps clear out the impurities and remove dirt from the skin’s surface. However, there are times when people use the skin cleaners incorrectly which results in a negative impact. Sure, cleansing is a basic step but there are some tips to consider. 

Keep in mind that how you use the cleanser and clean the skin will make an immense difference in the skin’s health as well as the radiance. For this reason, we are sharing some cleansing skills as well as the dos and don’ts of facial cleansing. So, are you ready to change the dynamics of your skin?

The Dos 

To begin with, why don’t we check out the dos of skin cleansers. In this section, we are sharing the dos of skin cleansers for you;

Wetting The Face & Hands

In case you are going to use the rinse-off facial cleansers, you need to wet your hands and face with water before you apply the cleanser. This is because it will help create ample lather on the face which strips away the dirt and oil from the skin before you rinse off everything. 

Cleansing Is Massage 

Who doesn’t like a massage? Well, why don’t you start treating your face cleansing activity as face massage because squeezing in some pampering is pretty easy? For this reason, you must massage the face wash on your skin through your fingertips and make sure that you use circular motions. In addition, we suggest that you apply a bit of pressure before you rinse off water. 

Do Choose The Right Skin Cleanser

Imagine using the dry skin cleanser on the oily skin, now that’s what you call trouble. This is because not every skin cleanser is equal and one cleanser doesn’t work for everyone. That being said, you must choose the skin cleanser according to the skin type. Also, every skin cleanser is designed differently since some are designed to offer exfoliation while some are responsible for improving the texture. 

Lukewarm Water 

When it comes down to cleansing the face, you must use lukewarm warm because it helps retain the moisture and natural oils of your face. This is because too hot or too cold water can adversely impact the skin’s health. 

Moisturizer, Please!

According to expert dermatologists, you should apply the moisturizer when the skin is damp once you’ve cleansed it. That being said, before you grab on the towel, apply moisturizer on your skin and make sure that the moisturizer suits your skin type. 

The Don’ts

Now that you are aware of the dos of skin cleansing, you can start with the don’ts of skin cleansing. In the section below, we are sharing the don’ts of skin cleansing, such as;

No Dirty Hands

Cleansing the skin with clean hands will be a game-changer in your skincare routine and overall skin health. This is because clean hands will ensure zero bacteria on the skin. So, before you apply the skin cleanser on the face, you must watch your hand, promising nary chances of bacterial transfer from hands to face. 

Don’t Be Rough 

The skin is extremely sensitive and treating your skin the right way is equally important. For this reason, you must ensure that skin is being taken care of gently. That being said, there is no need for harsh scrubbing or cleaning. In particular, never treat your pimples with harsh cleansing because it will only worsen the situation. 

Don’t Over-Cleanse

We understand that you want to cleanse your skin all the way in but over-cleansing can result in adverse impacts. If there are normal circumstances, you can cleanse the skin twice a day, at night and in the morning. However, don’t cleanse more than this!

Don’t Use Hot Water 

Well, we are certain that you saw it coming. Sure, using hot water for cleansing the skin feels awesome and relaxing but it’s not the ideal situation. This is because using hot water on your skin can take away the essential oils of your skin, hence the dryness of the skin. 

Don’t Rub 

Nope, you need to let go of the towel and please be gentle with your skin. This is because if you rub the towel too harshly on your skin, it will result in skin irritation. For this reason, we suggest that you blot your face with a towel (again, don’t rub!).

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