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Threading Vs. Face Waxing – Everything You Need To Know

Threading Vs. Face Waxing – Everything You Need To Know


It’s a dream to have hairless skin and women use various hair removal methods, such as threading and waxing. For the most part, both these hair removal methods are perfect for removing hair from roots and will last for around two weeks. However, there is always an ongoing debate about the differences between face waxing and threading. With this article, we are sharing all the differences that you need to know about!


When it comes down to waxing, it’s the hair removal technique that utilizes the wax or resin for grabbing the hair and pulling them out from the roots. While we are talking about waxing, there are two types of waxes, as hard wax, and soft wax. Both these waxes have different consistencies and we will talk about them as well. 

To begin with, soft wax has a gooey consistency which means it needs wax strips for removing the wax and hair. On the other hand, hard wax is also known as strip-less wax with a less gooey consistency. When we talk about hard wax, you have to apply the wax and let it cool down for a few seconds. Then, you can grip the wax’s edge and pull away from the hair from the skin (it clears hair from the roots). Waxing has become a popular method of removing semi-permanent hair removal. Some women gets waxing at home services from any reputed salons


Threading is done through doubled-up polyester or cotton thread which tends to tweeze the hair and remove it from the roots. The tweezer tends to remove hair once at a time but threading can remove different sections of hair whenever a thread is passed. With threading, the doubled-up thread rolls over the skin catches the hair, and pulls out the hair completely. 

Threading was first used in India and it has become the ultimate method of removing facial hair. In addition, it is widely used for shaping eyebrows with eyebrows threading. The best thing about threading is that it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. In addition, it is promised to offer precise eyebrow shaping and is perfect if you want to achieve a natural look. 

The threading can be done at home as well as by the professionals in the salon. Not to forget, there are special hair removal salons that offer professional threading. Also, the eyebrow shaping businesses are offering professional training in threading. People can learn threading at home and can be done in two different types, such as doubled-up thread and threading machines. 

The Differences Between Threading & Waxing 


When we talk about effectiveness, it’s about which hair removal method lasts longer. For the most part, both threading and waxing are known as the semi-permanent hair removal method. This means that the hair removal methods tend to last longer than shaving but aren’t permanent as laser hair removal. Be it threading or waxing, the hair is removed from the root but doesn’t kill the roots. 

On average, both these hair removal methods are likely to last for around two weeks but it depends on the hair regrowth. This is because some people don’t see hair regrowth for over three weeks while some have hair growing back in full form within a week. The most intriguing fact is that both threading and waxing need your hair to be of a specific length before you can opt for the second session. 


When it comes down to professional salons, there are cost differences between waxing and threading. For instance, eyebrow waxing costs around $35 while eyebrow threading costs around $25, so there the threading tends to be cheaper as compared to waxing. In this case, threading is an absolute winner!


When you opt for waxing, you have the liberty to apply wax several inches wide and can be removed with the strips. In the case of hard wax, you can simply grab one edge of the wax to take off the entire wax. So, when you are using wax, it hurts but it’s a one-time pain. On the other hand, threading is about removing hair in patches and rows. In this case, waxing is the winner since it hurts only once! 

Time Consumption 

To begin with, threading can take longer as compared to waxing. This is because threading can remove hair in lines and rows rather than removing a huge patch of hair with waxing. For instance, the threading of full-face will take around fifteen to twenty minutes. However, you can determine the time needed for the smaller area on the skin. 


When it comes down to waxing, it needs preparation before waxing and cleaning up after waxing as compared to threading. This is primarily because wax won’t grab the hair unless you have removed the lotions and makeup properly. So, you have to clean the skin before you wax. On the other hand, there is no need for such cleanup and preparation with threading, so it’s way more convenient.

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