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Tips To Remove Stubborn Henna Stains From Hands Quickly

Tips To Remove Stubborn Henna Stains From Hands Quickly

Henna is the paste that women often apply on their hands and feet through a henna cone. Most people say that henna is a temporary tattoo that stays on your skin for weeks. Women love to put henna on their hands and feet on different occasions including weddings. Many of them book Salon Services at Home on which they opt for a henna option. Most girls like to wear mehndi in different styles to create a stunning look at the events.
Once you have applied henna to your hands, you must know that it is going to stay on your skin for weeks. Henna starts to fade after 4-5 days, but till then, many women get tired of seeing their hands like this. They get very excited on occasions by getting mehndi by Mehndi Artist at Home. However, they wish to get rid of henna after some days. Other than that, women wish to remove henna quickly because they have to attend an important meeting. So, they don't want anyone to see their hands with henna. Hence, here are some tips by which you can remove henna from your body quickly.

Use Lemon And Baking Soda

Lemon is one of the best whitening agents. If you want to remove henna from your hands, then you can use a lemon. However, if the stubborn stain is not coming off quickly, then you can add baking soda. Apply baking soda to the lemon and keep it on your henna for some time. Then exfoliate the area with lemon and baking soda that was on your skin. 

Apply Good Exfoliators

Exfoliation can help remove henna stains quickly from your body. Hence, you can apply different exfoliators to your henna for better results. Gently rub your skin with any type of body scrub. This technique will help you remove henna stains along with dead skin cells. You can apply lotion or moisturizer after exfoliation to keep your skin away from rashes. 

Olive Oil And Salt

The sodium chloride has an agent to remove henna stains from your body. Hence, you can mix salt with olive oil and can apply it to your henna. Leave it for a few minutes until the oil absorbs on your skin. Afterward, gently rub the remaining oil with salt on your body to get rid of small henna stains. This technique helps a lot as salt is used for exfoliation and olive oil is beneficial to keep your skin soft. 

Soak Your Hands In Salt Water

As mentioned above, salt is the best solution that helps to take out henna from your hands. Therefore, you can add salt to the hot water and can soak your hands with henna for a while. After some time, remove the henna from your hands as it will become soft on your hands. You can use this tip with any salt including table salt or sea salt. 

Makeup Remover Or Micellar Water

Makeup remover and micellar water help to remove makeup quickly. But do you know you can also get rid of henna because of these two products? You can use each product you have to take away henna stains from your skin. Soak your hands completely in micellar water for a while, then gently remove for excellent results. Other than that, if you are using a makeup remover, then you can soak a cotton swab or a Q-tip with it. Then apply on the stains to remove them instantly. 

Use A Toothpaste

Toothpaste works the best when you want to get rid of the henna from your hands. Take a suitable amount of toothpaste and apply to the area with henna. Let it stay for some time till the paste dries. Then gently remove the paste from a damp towel or cloth and see your clean hands without any stain.
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