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Tips While Opting for Honey and Sugar Waxing

Tips While Opting for Honey and Sugar Waxing


Sugaring is rated as the ample best waxing method to use. We all can have a tough time when it comes to hair removal. We want something that plucks all the hair out with less pain and adds on, also soothes the skin. Hence, sugaring has been said to do it all. It not only gets rid of all the hair as well as ingrown hair but, also leaves your skin soft and smooth, unlike other waxes. Sugaring has come a long way in utilizing which first started in 1900 BC. Moving into the new world, it has now gained popularity for serving double purposes and doing its job right. 

Benefits of Honey and Sugar Waxing

With sugaring, there are many other benefits apart from leaving the skin smooth. In sugaring, you need less exfoliation. That is because when sugaring, the wax takes all the dead skin along with it which makes your skin feel plump. Sugaring is all-natural and there are only three to four ingredients that are used which are sugar, water, lemon, and any other oil of your choice. Hence it’s all-natural with no chemicals in it and cannot damage the skin. Adding on to this point, there is no risk of burning yourself. There have been several people who have burned themselves not by sugaring but by using wax. The main reason for that is because wax needs to be applied when it’s hot whereas, sugaring is applied when it’s close to your body temperature and less swelling. 

After waxing, the skin gets sticky and it usually goes away within a day or two. After sugaring, you do not have that sticky feeling which can be uncomfortable most times. Hence, sugaring is easy to clean up after using it. Waxing is a product that sticks to the skin but not sugaring. In sugaring, you can tear away the strip and have no residue left on the skin. As sugaring does not have chemicals in it, it is more sanitary. The ingredients in sugaring do not let bacteria grow into it making it clean and safe. While sugaring, it is applied against the hair growth and pulled in the growth of the hair direction. This removes all the hair from the hair follicle. The ingredients penetrate into the skin which makes it softer. Because the hair gets removed from the follicle, there is more duration of hairless skin. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your hair growing back faster.

Some Valuable Tips

To make sure your experience is good in honey and sugar waxing, here are some tips and tricks you can do to have the best experience. For sugaring to be able to remove all the hair, you need to grow your hair about ¼ of an inch or to the size of a rice grain. This will allow the sugar to stick to the hair and pull it out. On the other hand, if your hair is too long, you might want to consider cutting it first and then sugaring. This will make it easy to deal with the hair. The next thing you can do prior is to exfoliate the skin just a bit. This will help all the dead skin come off and it will allow the sugar to stick to the hair better and will prevent any hair from getting left behind on the skin. Avoid tanning one or two before sugaring. If you tan before sugaring then the strip will stick to the layer of tan and with the hair, it will remove the tanning layer as well. During the day of sugaring, try not to have alcohol or caffeine. This is because alcohol and caffeine tighten up the pores which can make it difficult to pull out all the hair. If you don’t have a high pain tolerance then this tip is for you. You can take a pain killer 30 minutes before starting sugaring. This will help minimize the pain.  Before applying the paste, you can cover the skin with any powder so that it can make the hair stand out which will make the paste grab onto the hair more strongly. The technique used to apply the paste is by taking a small amount in a ball shape and layering it down against the hair development. Lastly, after the whole procedure is done, apply some oil or serum. This will help hydrate the skin and will leave it shiny. 

Practicing any sort of technique will need tips. Generally, it helps understand the method better and also makes the result ten times nicer than acting upon it without knowing the tips and tricks. Hopefully, these tips help you out!  

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