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Top Products For Party Makeup

Top Products For Party Makeup

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; we all hear that most of the time but where is the fun in that? Makeup has changed the views of beauty in our current society drastically. Remember in the 90s when teenagers were only used to putting on a funky shirt with pink lip balm on? yeah, those days are gone! Now you would find teenagers as beauty gurus on Instagram, sharing tips on makeup products and skills. 
Everyone wants the perfect look for their occasion. It is not possible for everyone to hire a professional makeup artist or go to a saloon for your makeover as it can charge a lot of bucks. For this reason, many people choose to learn makeup skills and techniques online and do their makeovers for the occasion themselves. This can save a lot of your hard-earned money. You can learn a lot about how to do your makeup through Instagram and YouTube, but you can only learn so much about what product will suit you or can be used for you to look glamorous and be in the spotlight of the event. 
In this article, we will talk about the top trendy products that can be used for your party makeup, and steal the thunder in your events by checking our top product hot list. 

Mr. Big Mascara by Lancôme

A good mascara can bring glamour to your makeup look and really change it into looking more extra and dramatic which is all we need for a party. This mascara by Lancôme is amazing. Its brush is fluffy and can easily reach the inner conners of your eyes making each of eye lash elongated and giving your eyes the perfect look. It can almost give you a false eye lash effect that can really define your eyeshadow. This mascara comes in black shade only and can be used for both night and day events. 

Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base by NARS Cosmetics 

There is not much difference in painting and eyeshadow makeup, both need a blank canvas, smooth base, and precision. This smudge proof base by NARS can give your eyes the smooth base and a clean slate on which you can work your eyeshadow flawlessly. This can also make your eyeshadow stay on longer and till the end of the day which makes it a must have for party makeovers. It can go along with all types of skin, but for oily and dry skin you might have to apply primer first and after applying pro prime smudge proof eyeshadow base you would have to tuck it in with some translucent powder to make it stay in place for hours. 

Art Stick Liquid Lipstick by Bobbi Brown

Who does not like fuller lips with the perfect shade of lipstick? This lipstick by Bobbi brown comes in beautiful shades from nudes to bright and dark. Bold lips for a party are the best way to do your makeup and you can achieve that by using this product. This lipstick can help you with moisturized and plumped up lips that would just look gorgeous through out the event. This product is budge proof making it even more suitable for parties. These are not that expensive and can easily be afforded. Each lipstick goes on for a long period of time (depends on your use) which makes it a snatching deal. 
This is our trendy list of beautiful products and the products mentioned above are highly recommended by makeup artists and are reviewed by several people. 
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