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Which Wax Is Good For Facial Waxing?

Which Wax Is Good For Facial Waxing?

Getting rid of facial hair can be a hustle for some people especially when there are hundreds of methods. There are many salons providing their services like waxing at home service by professionals. The professionals also suggest the best facial hair removal method according to your skin type. Today, I will be letting you know which is the best wax for getting rid of facial hair. 


One of the popular methods of removing facial hair is threading. It has been catching up with the other methods out there. Threading is extensively used in Central Asia and now is being used in the Western wing too. Threading is a process in which unwanted hairs are plucked out by just using a twisted cotton thread. Threading is commonly practiced on the eyebrows therefore; it gives more precise results than waxing. An average appointment of threading takes no longer than 15 minutes. This procedure does not use any sort of chemicals, it is all-natural. However, on the other hand, this method might not suit all types of skin. For sensitive and supple skin types, threading may cause a lot of redness and also damage the skin by leaving small cuts.  Threading removes the hair only from the upper surface of the skin hence, results in the hair growing back quicker, to eliminate this, threading needs to be done more regularly. Pain is a huge factor in threading.  Although it differs from person to person it is said to sting a lot and can leave the skin very dry.


Moving on to the most popular method of getting rid of facial hair is waxing. Waxing is the process of hair removal from the roots. There are multiple ways of waxing. Warm soft wax is used for large areas like the legs and arms. It is applied in a thin layer on the skin and it is removed by pressing a cloth strip on the wax which takes off all the hair with it. This type of wax does not work very well with people who have sensitive skin as it leaves the skin irritated and red. It may also burn the skin if the wax is too hot. Another type of wax is hard wax and it is frequently used. Hard wax has many benefits, it can be applied anywhere to the body whether the hair is thick or thin and there is no need for a cloth strip. It is applied in a thicker layer and dries down and hardens after which the wax is removed. Therefore, this wax is suitable for small and sensitive areas like the lips, nose, and eyebrows


Honey sugar wax, also known as sugaring has been scientifically proven to be the best for waxing. It removes hair from the hair follicle and leaves the skin behind soft, smooth, and healthy. The greatest benefit of honey wax is that it can be made at home with the ingredients already stored in your kitchen. All you need is sugar, honey, and lemon juice. All these three ingredients should be heated and mixed together. When it gets cooled to an applicable temperature, it should be applied to the skin and covered with a cloth strip. When the wax gets cooled the strip should be removed leaving the skin smooth and hairless. 
There are many more benefits of honey wax than the waxing methods listed above. Honey wax does not have any chemicals. It is an all-natural wax and includes natural substances. Sugaring leaves the skin behind healthy and soft. It nourishes the skin making it glow by taking all the dead skin with it leaving a shine. Unlike the other waxes, sugaring is applied when it is warm and not hot which makes sugaring more comfortable and easier to use which, therefore, results in less likely to burn the skin. Wax is usually applied in the same direction of the hair growth which does not help in pulling out all of the hair in that area whereas, a sugaring mixture is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth which removes all the hair in that selected area and it is said to be less painful. In conclusion, the best wax for removing facial hair is sugaring. It has proven itself to be doing multiple tasks at once like enhancing the skin and getting rid of hair in a short amount of time. 
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