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Who Should Get The Pain Relief Deep Tissue Full-Body Massage?

Who Should Get The Pain Relief Deep Tissue Full-Body Massage?


There are thousands of women massage therapies out there but deep tissue massages have become pretty popular among people who struggle with muscle damage and injuries. The deep tissue massage involves the application of sustained and consistent pressure through deep and slow strokes for targeting the deeper muscle layers as well as the connective tissues. 

The deep tissue full-body massage breaks up the scarring tissues which tend to form after injuries and reduces the tissue and muscle tension. In some cases, people have also experienced quicker healing by reducing inflammation and improving blood flow. With this article, we are sharing the details about deep tissue massage and other details!

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage 

The deep tissue massages are designed to deliver psychological as well as physical benefits. Generally, the massages depend on relaxation but deep tissue massage is perfect for improving stiffness and treating the muscle aches and helps mental unwinding. According to research, people have experienced improvements in chronic pains in the lower back. 

The majority of people have suggested that deep tissue massage helps with plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, sciatica, high blood pressure, and tennis elbow. 

Comparison Of Deep Tissue Massage & Swedish Massage 

To be honest, there has always been confusion between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage and people have been confusing them with each other. Sure, there are some similarities, such as strokes but the uses and pressure intensity are different for both of them. In the section below, we are sharing the differentiation factors in Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, such as;

  • Application – deep tissue massage is for people who want to treat chronic pains and sports injuries while Swedish massage is suitable for the promotion of relaxation. Moreover, it is suitable for reducing muscle tension 

  • Pressure – the Swedish massage is known to be a gentle massage that applies less pressure and tension as compared to deep tissue massage. Both these massages use fingers and palms for manipulating the tissues and kneading while forearms and elbows can be used for applying extra pressure when deep tissue massage is concerned

  • Target Area – the deep tissue massage is popular for targeting the deeper layers of muscles and is perfect for treating muscle injuries, stiffness, and tendon issues in major joints and muscles. On the other hand, Swedish massage is for the superficial layers of your muscles and targets the body parts with higher tension, such as the back, neck, and shoulders 

What Is Included In Deep Tissue Massage?

When you go in for the deep tissue massage, the therapist is likely to ask about the problematic areas on the body since it includes a specific area of the body as well as the entire body. When the therapist knows about the problematic areas, you will be asked to lay down under the sheet (on the stomach or on the back). The undressing level depends on the users’ comfort level but the targeted area has to be exposed. 

The therapist is highly likely to warm up the body and muscles with a light touch. Once the body is warmed up, the therapist will focus on the problematic area (there will be stroking and kneading activities, and the pressure intensity varies with your comfort level). 

What About The Side Effects?

Whenever we talk about specific massage therapies, it is important to understand the potential side effects. For instance, when you first get a deep tissue massage, there are chances of soreness after a few days. For relieving soreness, you can opt the cold pack with a towel pack and a heating pad. For the most part, the deep tissue massage is secure and safe. 

The massage involves the application of firm pressure and isn’t safe for everyone. For this reason, it is suggested that you talk to the doctor and see if they suggest deep tissue massage for you. Generally, people are told to avoid deep tissue massage if they have blood clotting, bleeding issues, using blood thinners, or if they are undergoing cancer treatments. 

This is because if someone has cancer or osteoporosis, it is likely to spread out to bones and that’s the prime reason why deep tissue massage should be avoided. If you still go ahead with the massage, it can result in fractures. In addition, you shouldn’t get a deep tissue massage if you are expecting but you can always get gentle massages, such as Swedish massage. 

Finding The Right Massage Therapist 

In case you can opt for deep tissue massage, you must only trust qualified massage therapists. The best choice is to ask the physical therapist of the doctor for a referral or your colleagues or friends if they have received the deep tissue massage before. On top of everything, you can check the database of national massage therapy associations.

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