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Why is Eyebrow Threading Rather Than Plucking?

Why is Eyebrow Threading Rather Than Plucking?


The Importance of Keeping Your Eyebrows Neat 


Shaping your eyebrows is a part of taking care of yourself and also grooming. Having the right eyebrow shape and also keeping them neat gives a great look overall. It makes a huge difference. Hence, it is important to have clean brows as it makes your face look neater. There are different ways how you can keep your eyebrows in shape which include Eyebrow threading at home, plucking as well as waxing. All of these methods are suitable according to the individual itself. 

What is Threading?


Threading is an old technique that is driven by Indian culture. This practice has gotten much popular and it is used in all the beauty saloons. It is one method of perfection. Threading the eyebrows is faster and also gives a perfect shape to them. No matter what kind of shape you are looking for, the threading technique will be able to give it to you without having one hair out of place.


This technique was seen more in Asia and then it continued to spread to the whole of Asia including the Middle East and now in the Western countries as well. The procedure uses a thread and some powder which is put on before the threading starts. Hence, with a single thread piece, the beauticians shape the eyebrows and fix them according to your desires. There are a lot of women who have been interested in it because of its simple yet amazing technique. You will come to find a ton of different ways of doing your eyebrows but using threading is one of the best options.The benefit of having Salon services at home you can relax and get your eyebrows done in no time.

What is Plucking?


Plucking is simply pulling out the eyebrow hair through the use of tweezers. This is a tool that is used to pluck out eyebrow hair. This method is more time taking and also does not give the best accurate results of your ideal eyebrow shape. It takes immense time to pluck out each eyebrow's hair to give it the shape that you want. However, plucking is also an open and known method that is used by a ton of people.


Some beauticians use a combination of both threading and plucking to get the highest result. Plucking helps to get rid of all the smallest hair which has been growing as well. There are several other reasons why plucking might be a better option. For some, eyebrow hair growth is low and has thin growth. Hence, because of hair growth, some people find plucking better as it is easier. Hence, it is all about hair growth, the kind of hair growth as well as what the individual prefers. 

Eyebrow Threading Vs Plucking 


Eyebrow threading has several different benefits. If you are in a hurry and want to get done with the procedure faster, then threading will be a better option for you. There are not many negative elements about eyebrow threading apart from that it can cause pain because the hair is being removed from the hair follicle. Hence, if it is hard for you to decide then here are some benefits and reasons why eyebrow threading is a good choice. 

Higher Communication To Perfect your Eyebrow Shape 


You can always communicate with your beautician to get the right shape for your eyebrows. Plucking is time taking. This is the benefit of having Salon services at home you can relax and get your eyebrows done in no time by communicating. Hence, whenever the beautician is done you can check for the shape and ensure that it is exactly how you wanted. This will further perfect your ideal look and clean it off more. 


Moreover, in threading, there are no kinds of chemicals that are involved. The only thing that is used is powder and a thread which is a specific kind only used for threading eyebrows. Hence, you will not have to worry about having a skin reaction or anything as such because there are no chemicals involved. Using the thread, the beautician will go through your eyebrows by looking at the hair row by row. 


Threading aims to remove only the hair and not the skin. For people who opt for waxing, the wax also takes off some of the upper layers of the skin. However, for threading, that is not the case. You can also soothe the area afterward by applying the gel. 


Lastly, threading gets even the tiniest hair. This is the biggest benefit as threading will not leave out any hair which should be out of the shape of your eyebrows. It pulls out all the hair from the roots which makes it grow slower and also does not leave the shape messy. 


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