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Why Janssen Whitening Facial Is Different From Other Facials?

Why Janssen Whitening Facial Is Different From Other Facials?



Why Janssen Whitening Facial Is Different From Other Facials?

If you’ve been getting facials for a long time, you would know that the salons are loaded with a variety of facial treatments. In addition, when the facial treatments differ, there is an extensive range of facial product brands available in the market but we totally love Janssen Whitening Facial. To be honest, continuous exposure to pollution results in skin tanning.

For this reason, it’s incredibly important to choose the right facial treatment because it will eventually treat the skin right. Getting a high-quality facial treatment will deliver long-term skin results, such as healthy and glowing skin. Still, some ladies are new to the facial thing and have no idea why they should choose Janssen Whitening Facial over other facial treatments. So, let’s see why this facial is better!

Janssen Whitening Facial


When it comes down to the Janssen whitening facial, it comes with eight products, hence eight facial products. Truth be told, all the products included in Janssen Whitening facial kit include the high-end ingredients that pamper the skin and are curated to take away the tanning. In this section, we are sharing the facial products added to this kit along with the benefits.

Brightening Face Cleanser

It doesn’t matter which facial kit you opt for, all of them are designed with cleansers but Janssen has designed the brightening face cleanser. This means that the face cleanser won’t only cleanse the skin but also brightens the skin by removing the dust and dirt from the skin. With the cleanser, you can use around one spoon of cleanser for your face as well as the neck.

The face cleanser must be applied and massaged on the skin. If the cleanser dries up, you can use water once and cleanse the skin again (it promises in-depth cleansing).

Brightening Face Freshener

Once you’ve cleansed the skin, you can use the brightening face freshener. This is more of a toner, so just take one spoon of toner on the hand and apply it all over your face and neck. There is no need for massage with the freshener/toner because you just have to leave it for three to five years. The toner will brighten and freshen up the skin.

We don’t mind saying that this freshener that using this freshener will revamp your skin’s game within five minutes.

Intensive Face Scrub

Everybody has dead skin cells residing on their face and using the face scrub works great as an exfoliator. With Janssen’s intensive face scrub, you can take two pumps and apply them all over your face. When it’s properly applied on the face, you need to scrub it around (you can use water to dampen up the scrub if the scrub goes dry).

We suggest that you use the brush to apply the scrub because using fingers to apply the scrubs will result in bacteria. When you scrub the face with the intensive face scrub, we suggest that you steam the face.


The Janssen whitening facial is designed with the extraction product which can be used for removing the whiteheads and blackheads from the skin. However, before you extract and remove the whiteheads and blackheads, you should steam the face because it helps soften the white or blackheads. As a result, the blackheads and whiteheads will be easily removed from the skin.

Melafadin Ampules

Truth be told, this is the star of this facial kit because we haven’t seen any facial kit that has such ampules. The Melafadin ampules are integrated with high-quality ingredients. You can apply the contents of this ampule with a brush. However, we suggest that you apply the ampule’s content where you have the freckles and spots. When the ampule content is applied, you have to wait for three minutes.

Brightening Night Restore

To begin with, this product in the facial kit is known to be the massage cream. You must massage this cream for around eight to ten minutes. When the cream is massaged into the skin, it will eventually help restore the skin and bring back its glow.

Phytogen Botanical White Mask

This is the ultimate mask that can be used for taking away the tan. As the name suggests, it has Phytogen contents which revitalize the skin. You can make a mask by mixing the water and powder to make a paste. Then, apply this paste to your skin. You must apply an even layer with a spatula and remove it after fifteen minutes.

Lightening Day Protection

This is the last step of the Janssen facial kit since you have to protect the skin after all those steps. The lightening day protection cream should be applied if you had a facial during the day. You can apply the day protection cream in an even layer all across your face!


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