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Why Sajal Ali Removes "Ahad Mir" Name From Her Instagram Profile

Why Sajal Ali Removes "Ahad Mir" Name From Her Instagram Profile


When celebrities become a couple, they always get a great fan following as people love their relationship together. There are many celebrities in the industry that make a great couple on-screen but are not a couple in reality, but fans ship them being together. Other than that, some celebrities are a couple in real life along with being a couple on-screen and such couples are popular among fans as they wish them to share the screen in the industry as well.

Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir got the same. Their first duo was in a drama named "Yakeen Ka Safar" which became a hit in the Pakistan Industry. Since that time, people wanted Sajal and Ahad to become a couple as they looked beautiful together. They started working on various projects together which led fans to ship them more. Everybody wanted them to become a couple which they did when Ahad Raza Mir proposed Sajal Ali on the sets of "Aangan". They got married and people loved their wedding photos which were famous worldwide.

Why Are People Concerned About Them Nowadays?

We saw their strong bonding on-screen but we never knew how cute they would be when they got married on March 14, 2020, in a small ceremony that happened in Abu Dhabi. They posted some elegant wedding photos announcing their marriage officially and after that, the "Sinf-e-Ahan" star changed her name on Instagram to "Sajal Ahad Mir". They were then seen in the drama "Yeh Dil Mera" after marriage which also became a hit because of the starring couple. They did great projects after marriage and kept on receiving immense love from their fans.

Recently, in January 2022, people noticed the absence of the "Ehd-e-Wafa" star in Sajal's sister, Saboor Ali's marriage which made so many people question why is Saboor's brother-in-law not involved in the wedding. Social media started assuming that these both love birds might have separated their ways or got divorced. The whole industry became curious about his absence from the event that happened for 3 days straight. Their fans kept questioning their relationship. 

People started creating rumors about their divorce. The whole social media wanted to know what could happen between a perfect couple. Later on, people kept spreading numerous news until Sajal Ali removed "Ahad Mir" from her Instagram surname recently, which she added after she got married. Now this has become hot news across Pakistan and people want to know whether Sajal and Ahad are divorced or not.

Are They Really Divorced?

After this happened, people confirmed their divorce just because Sajal removed his name from her profile. Many people are still not believing as the couple has not announced anything regarding their relationship status yet. Even other celebrities do not know what is going on in their relationship or some might know but cannot disclose this personal information. Some celebrities are even saying to leave the couple alone as it is a very hard time for them so kindly stop spreading numerous news. But people are concerned about their relationship by knowing it is none of their business.

In all such confusion, a journalist recently confirmed their divorce saying that the well-known couple is not a couple anymore. She did not mention any reason for the divorce and just said that it is a very tough and sad time for the couple right now. Moreover, many people still want to know the real news as there is only one person who has confirmed the divorce through different sources.

How are People Taking This News?

Some people are not concerned about the whole scenario as it is a private matter between the couple and they believe that we must give them space and we are not aware whether they have parted their ways or not. So they suggest not to scratch our heads on the things which are not even related to us. On the contrary, there is the audience that has accepted the rumors of divorce just because thousands of people have said it is true. Even people on Twitter have been talking about them for more than a week. 

There should be no misconceptions about anything without authentic news. Moreover, Sajal and Ahad are still following each other on Instagram. They still have pictures of themselves together, even their wedding photoshoots. Just because they are not socially active, it is leading the audience more about their confirmed separation. They even have not announced it officially which they are not supposed to. It is their private matter. We still think they must be going through some phase and they need a break as everybody does. We still ship them to be a star couple and want them to come back on-screen and we are waiting for the authentic news as their divorce is still not official.

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