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Why You Need a Coffee Scrub For Body Exfoliation

Why You Need a Coffee Scrub For Body Exfoliation


Have you ever been scrolling through celebrities' Instagram profiles and you can’t help but notice how beautiful and smooth their skin looks? You know that most of it is either make-up or photo editing, but a lot of the time in real life when you meet celebrities you notice that their skin is gorgeous. There are many reasons b behind that. Taking care of yourself can get you the most glowing, youthful, and perfect skin you can ever ask for. However, this is a long process. Whether it is your body you are talking about or your face, everyone needs a good exfoliator, moisturizer, and other skincare products that can help them get better much smoother skin. And for body scrub, there seems to be no better solution than a full body scrub with coffee. But isn’t coffee to drink? You must be wondering, but read on to find out how important it can be!

Busting Myths About Coffee!

Several times you must have heard your mom stop you from drinking coffee by pointing out how that can cause acne and dark spots on your skin and body? Well, that is only true if you are consuming it in great amounts. But scientists have found out that coffee beans when crushed, can make a great scrubber for your skin. If you rub coffee powder on your skin with a little honey or water mixed in and scrub your body with it, you will instantly see the results as your skin will be better and much smoother than before. This is why a coffee scrub is necessary. Hence, the myths of coffee not being good for the skin has been busted!

What Does Coffee Exfoliation Do For Your Body?

  • Coffee has a little scrubbing property to it so if you use it occasionally as a complete scrub for your body, it can help you with several of your issues. Some of these are:
  • Coffee scrub will help stop your acne from spreading out.
  • Coffee scrub will help clear up any dark marks or spots that have been left by acne. Though it can’t take it away completely, coffee can surely help lighten up the marks for you.
  • Coffee scrub when used can also put an end to your stretch marks, dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • There are several other benefits that you can get from a coffee scrub and it will prove very beneficial for your body and your skin once you start using coffee as a scrub.

Where To Get The Perfect Coffee Scrub?

Although, many skincare companies are selling coffee scrubs in different forms what will be the most perfect scrub is the one used with all the natural ingredients and what is better than a scrub that you can easily make at home by staying under budget and mixing all the most natural items?

How To Make Coffee Scrub At Home

There isn’t always just one way to make a scrub however, you can try the following scrub recipes and see which one is more convenient and easy for your to create and then get right onto it!

  • Add ground coffee into a bowl topped with granulated sugar and a few tablespoons of lemon juice. You can manage the consistencies on your own once you have made the scrub. See which ingredient to add more until you have the perfect consistency for a scrub.
  • Another way to create a coffee scrub is to take ground coffee in a bowl and add honey to it. Because honey is thick, it will not liquefy your grounded coffee and the paste will serve as the perfect scrub for your body and you can get it exfoliated to get smoother, spotless skin.
  • You can add ground coffee with brown sugar and a little milk to create a thick paste as well. There are chlorogenic acids in coffee that help reduce inflammation of any sort too.

These are a few different ways to create coffee scrub at home by staying under budget. Saving money and still getting the fresh, spotless flowing and youthful look that one can only expect to get from the expensive skincare products that are being sold in the market right now. So don’t wait any longer! If you want the most smooth skin on your face and your body, go get the facial services at home from any good salon, they used ingredients to make your skin perfect with coffee scrub that you deserve it!

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